Your body itches. Your throat is dry and raspy. Pain courses through your body and you collapse to the ground, vision going blurry. As you writhe on the ground, a single thought fills your mind. You are hungry. You are hungry for MEAT!!! As this thought echoes through your soul, the pain subsides, replaced by a sudden elation. Your body is strong. Powerful. Immense amounts of muscle ripples beneath your thick, furred hide as you leap onto a rooftop, elated with your new sense of being.

Light floods the sky, and you gaze upward at the smooth silver disc overhead, enthralled by its beauty. Your claws dig into the tiles of the rooftop, and your body instinctively arches itself in preparation for what is coming. Your lungs fill with air, then it all rushes out, floods out of you in a long, haunting howl.

As the sound ends, it is picked up by others, and you can see dark shapes leaping across the rooftops, piercing eyes moving toward you in the darkness. but you are not afraid. Your are one of them now. You are a member of the pack!

About Werewolves in Vox Populi

There are a few ways to get infected with Lycanthropy. The easiest way to get infected is to have someone send you a bite offer and if you accept that offer. To bite someone, use the command /w bite <playername>. They can accept the bite with /w accept. Keep in mind, though, that you can only bite once per day, so use your bites wisely.

An additional way to get infected is during combat with a werewolf if the werewolf has intent on, so be careful. The third way to get infected is to be attacked by a wolf at night. Wolves wont attack them unless you hit them first so don’t hit any wolves out there unless you don’t mind the risk of infection.

Once infected with Lycanthropy, it will take around one real life hour for the infection to progress to 100%. To check if you are infected and how far the disease is do /w s to show the percentage. Keep in mind that your infection will only progress while you are online.

To stop the disease you’ll need a Wolfsbane potion which is crafted on a crafting table using a diamond, a dead bush (found in the desert), and a bucket of water. Make sure you have the right kind of bush; regular shrubs will not work.

Werewolves are a powerful race, and get some of the most potent racial bonuses. however, these bonuses come at a price, and most of the bonuses are only active while one is transformed. While transformed, Werewolves:

  • Have increased Run speed, Jump height, and Unarmed damage.
  • Can see in the darkness with a toggled night vision affect.
  • Have a powerful “super jump” which can launch them enormous distances.
  • Take reduced damage from all sources.
  • Have increased health.
  • Cannot use any weapons.
  • Lose all health bonuses from Armor

In addition to the bonuses they receive while transformed, they have some other features that give Werewolf players a unique playstyle. these include having a larger health pool than most other players, and being allergic to all foods other than Meat. Consuming any non-meat substances will afflict a Werewolf with a plethora of negative status effects.

Silver weapons are the perfect weapon to use when fighting werewolves, as they are their weakness. In addition to dealing bonus damage, these weapons will inflict a number of negative effects on Werewolves, such as slowness, nausea, and blindness. The Witch Hunters Guild in Valeria Beach will craft these items for you in exchange for Silver Ingots, special bars of precious metal obtainable from bosses in dungeons and the Dark Cavern.

When killing a transformed Werewolf, there is chance they will drop a Werewolf Hide. Werewolf hides can be given to the craftsmen at the Witch Hunters Guild, who will craft you powerful Werewolf Hide Armor in return.

/w ?,h,help page=1]
/w s,show [player=you] [univ=you] Show player info
/w i,intend [bool=flip] Use intent to infect
/w n,nightvision [bool=flip] Toggle nightvision
/w b,bite Offer to bite someone
/w a,accept Accept bite offer
/w t,transform [bool=flip] Transform into werewolf
/w h,howl Howl
/w v,version Check the plugin version

Be sure to type /help werewolf in-game to learn more about Werewolves