The VoxBox

The VoxBox is the greatest thing ever to be invented! Purchasing a VoxBox will gurantee you 5 or more items from a pool of brand new, totally unique and rare items including Vox Trading cards! That’s right, you can now hunt down and collect cards (maps) with artwork and even find foil cards. You are going to want to collect em’ all.

When you purchase a VoxBox you are given between 5 and 7 specifically designed items, picked randomly from a large pool of items which are completely unique to the month/series of the VoxBox purchased. You can buy as many as you want each month since their contents are randomized; You’ll get a unique combination every time!

Items that you receive from VoxBoxes are yours to keep forever; Isn’t that great? That is granted that you don’t go off and break or destroy them. So take good care of them 🙂

Here are just some of the types of items you can get in a VoxBox:


Trading Cards on Vox Populi are virtual, in-game, cosmetic, collectible maps fitted with hand made pixel artwork. They come in 4 rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary (just like items in game) as well as in alternative foil variants. Theses are the heart of the VoxBox, and are fun to collect.


Emotes are simple in game chat commands with specifically designed text for displaying emotions as well as actions. They are a fun way to socialize, and even reference your gender if you set one.


Trails are particle effects that follow you around and make you stand out against other players. They are purely cosmetic, but are a favorite among players as they are quite flashy. You can turn them on and off just about any time via in game command spells.


Mini-pets are quite rare, and don’t often show up in VoxBoxes, but when they do, they are easily the most valuable collectible out of the box. Mini-pets are non-combat animals that you can call any time you’d like, which will follow you to the ends of the earth; And they are way too friggen cute!

Misc Items

Surprisingly, misc items are the most common items found in VoxBoxes. They are always very different, and especially unique each month. They can range from sparklers, noise makers, prank items and more.


Every once and a while tools, weapons or gear might show up in the VoxBox. These items are usually functional, with very niche uses, like a grapple hook for instance.

Most of the newest VoxBox items have textures if you use the official Vox Resource Pack!