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Towny Builds | Vox Populi

Towny Builds


Advanced Towny Builds are special buildings which are purchased, placed and built in your town which often provide various useful functions. Each one is unique, and provide totally different features.

Everyone can get involved advanced Towny Builds, which includes town Residents, Town Mayors and Assistants, and Nation Kings. These builds are separated into 3 categories: Residential Builds, Town Builds, and Nation Builds, each with their own store, proving benefits at very different scales.

Building theses structures take a lot of time and energy, usually requiring you to plan out your projects, and get help where you can.

You can purchase a structure using the Towny store, which is accessible using the appropriate store command, depending on what your needs are. (See Below). Once purchased, they will require open claimed plots to be placed.

You can read up on what a structure does by clicking on it in the store, and reading the short description. One example is the Disenchanter, which is a special structure that allows you to “Hopper” items into an input chest, when can be mass disenchanted with the flip of a switch into an output chest; Great for adamant dungeon runners and treasure hoarders.

Using the proper command, you can place your structure into the world, which is where the construction begins. One thing all Towny Builds have in common is that when they are put into the world, they start in construction. Towny builds do not function when in this state and require you to deposit items into a collection chest, advancing the construction stages until it reaches the final state, and is constructed.

Build machines that work for you.

Town Power

Town Redstone Power is the primary resource tied to Towny Builds. Every town starts with 100 Redstone Power to start, which can be expanded by purchasing and building the Towny Build: Redstone Generator. These generators augment your town’s Redstone Power in increments of 50 each. Nearly all Towny Builds require a certain amount of power to be placed into your town. Structures that require power only consume what they need when placed, and will “release” that power when they are packed up. Towny Redstone Power is basically a limiting resource that controls how many structures you can have active at a time, and is the central progression in the Advanced Towny Build System. You can see your max Redstone power as well as your consumed Redstone power on your “/town” info screen.

Basic Commands

“/plot build ”

Builds the named advanced towny build in the plot you are standing in. If a build has spaces, use spaces.

“/plot packup”

Packs up the build you are standing in, allowing it to be moved.

“/plot build cancel”

Cancels the building of the structure you are standing in.

“/help townybuilds”

Review most of the information from this page in game via a help file.

“/help townybeta”

Review the beta schedule and view the beta roadmap.

“/help bugs”

A quick view of known towny bugs. Review this before reporting them.

Residential Builds

Residential build structures usually provide quick, easy and beautiful housing, allowing you to decorate and furnish a home without the tedium of building it. Most Residential structures can also be built by a Town Mayor, creating desirable housing for new residents.

Resident Commands

Resident Commands:
  • “/res store”
    • Opens up the Resident Towny Build Store. These builds are controlled by residents, and can be built on any plot the resident owns.
  • “/res inventory”
    • Opens up your personal towny build inventory. Builds in this inventory belong to you.

Town Builds

Town Builds are the star of the show, and have the most variations and options. These builds can be initiated by a mayor or assistant, and provide benefits to all residents of the town. These benefits often act as unique incentives to be a resident of that town, depending on the needs of the resident.

Mayor/Assistant Commands

“/towny store”


Opens up the standard Towny Build Store. These builds can only be initiated by an assistant or mayor, but often provide benefits to all residents.

“/towny inventory”


Opens up your town inventory, showing purchased builds, in-progress builds and more.

Nation Builds

Nation Builds are the Town Build’s big daddy. These builds can only be built by Nation Kings in nation cCapital towns, and provide extreme benefits not only to the residents of the capital town but to all residents of any town belonging to the nation. Neat eh?

Nation King Commands

“/nation store”


Opens up the Nation Towny Build Store. These builds can only be initiated by a nation King, but often provide benefits to all towns within the nation.

“/nation inventory”


Opens up your nation inventory, showing purchased nation builds, placed builds and more.


Oil is a resource primarily used in the construction of nearly all advanced Residential, Town and Nation Builds. It comes in two forms, Crude Oil, and Oil.

Early on, Crude Oil can be obtained by mining deep underground, typically under rivers or ocean locations. It can then be converted into Oil by exchanging it with a villager located at the Export Company in Downtown Valeria Beach.

Later, you can pump lots of Crude Oil out of the ground via the Oil Pump Towny Build and then refine it at a very efficient rate via the Oil Refinery Towny Build.

Brine Water is a common byproduct of Oil Refineries, which can be re-added to the Refinery to attempt to extract even more Crude Oil from the Brine Water.

Upgrade Tiers

Many structures can be upgraded after they have been constructed, increasing the benefits they provide in an economical way.

Typing “/plot upgrade” brings up the upgrade panel for the structure you are standing in. Here you can review the available upgrade tiers, see what they do, and start an upgrade.

During an upgrade a structure provides no benefits, so plan your upgrades accordingly.


Most Advanced Towny Builds increase your town’s upkeep when fully constructed. You can review how much upkeep is added by a structure before purchasing it via the “/t store” command.

Your Daily Upkeep stat should always show you your town’s up to date upkeep via the standard “/town” command.

Job Resources

Advanced Towny Builds often require special items which are primarily produced by players who have archived Grand Master in a specific Job.

Obtaining Grand Master is no small task, so these items may also be obtained via the Export Company, albeit for a steep price.