Towny Features 

Are you tired of getting griefed in the wilderness? Do you want to be able to protect your land and your goods? Maybe you just want to build and have a sense of community. If so, making a town is the way to go!

Being a mayor isn’t easy but it can be a lot of fun. You pay a few voxels every day for upkeep depending on the town size but don’t worry because the fee starts out very small. Plots are 35 voxels to claim so keep that in mind if you plan on expanding later on.

First what you’ll need to do is find a spot in the wilderness that you’d like to start your metropolis. Make sure nobody lives close to you because if you decide to expand they will be in your way. Do /town new townname to start the town. It costs 100 voxels to start the town. For example: /town new Cooltown If you want a town with more than one word in the name use – or _ for the spaces otherwise the command won’t work. The first block that you make is your homeblock.

It is the plot that contains the town spawn. When people do /t spawn Cooltown, for example, then they can teleport there and visit.

Your residents can get there by just doing the command /t spawn. The plots of your town are 16 blocks x 16 blocks. They are predetermined by the chunks on the map. The chunk you are standing on when you create the town is your homeblock but don’t worry this can be moved later. If you want to see where the edges of your land are just walk around until it says you are standing in the wilderness in chat. You now own that chunk from the sky limit to bedrock! Congratulations!

Do /t or /town and all of that information will pop up for you! It’s pretty awesome. /t is just short for /town. When you do /t it will show you how many town blocks you have. Town blocks is just another name for plots, the 16 x16 squares I referred to earlier.

The more residents you have the more land you get. When your town grows so does the limit of land you can claim. There are also other ways to buy more plots like buying bonus plots for 100 voxels each with the command /t buy bonus # or by buying some on our e-store at! An additional way to get more plots is by joining or creating a nation. We’ll talk more about that later.

First you need to put money in the bank. The bank is virtual. It’s not a building but it’s an account you deposit funds into to pay for things like upkeep and more land. Do /t deposit # Don’t put all of your money in there because you cannot take it out afterwards. Keep at least a little money in the bank at all times or your town will fall to ruin if it’s empty when upkeep is taken! Now that you have money in the bank, find a spot on the edge of your homeblock where it says “Wilderness” and do /t claim. Plots you buy are 35 voxels each. If your bank runs out of money you can always put more in.

Do /towny map and a text map will show up in your chat box. The + signs are plots you own. – are plots you don’t own. H stands for homeblock. If you would like to set it up so that you can see the map every time you walk onto a different plot do the command /res set mode map. If you want to turn that feature off do /res set mode reset. /res is short for /resident. If you want to be able to walk around and claim land while viewing the map do /res set mode map townclaim.

shovelDiamondDo /town claim rect [half length] or /town claim circle [radius] If you want to do it manually you can just walk around doing /t claim. Doing it manually is easier if you live in a valley or area with a unique shape.

Residents won’t be able to build or destroy on land you purchase for yourself. Also when you walk on your own land it says your name in the chat box so people know that is your house.

Do /plot forsale then do /plot claim to buy it. Residents will do /plot claim to buy land you put up for sale for them as well. Would you like a friend to live with you and build on your property though? If so do /res friend add playername so for example /res friend add George10379. Make sure you type their full username or it might add someone else with a similar name as well. If the friend is offline type /res friend add+ playername. If you decide you don’t want your friend to be able to build on your land do /res friend remove playername and that will take them off your friends list.

The cool thing with friends is they don’t have to live in your town to be able to build on land you bought for yourself!

Have the person you want to add do /t leave since the will be a member of Valeria-Beach when they first log in. Then you can do /t add playername to invite them to your town. They will be added automatically after you put the command in. They don’t need to accept. Once you start getting residents, your town title and mayor title may change. Your town can move up from village to city to metropolis!There are other titles in between as well. As for your mayor title you start out as a hermit but once your town title changes that will change too.

They can do almost every command you can like claiming more town areas, adding residents, kicking residents and more! Make sure they are someone you can trust. To add an assistant do /t rank add playername assistant. If you decide to take them off switch add with the word remove. You can have more than one assistant.

You can charge your residents taxes for living there. However, if they do not have the money in their inventory when taxes are collected they will be kicked from your town and their house will go up for sale. If you would like to tax your residents you can do the command /town set taxes amount. If you want to charge a small tax you can do /town set taxes 1 to charge them 1 voxel.Congratulations on being a new town owner! These are a few basics for you to get started. If you need more help feel free to ask other players or staff members!



Having fun being a mayor? Would you like to expand your horizons and become a king or queen of a nation?

Nations will allow you to become allies with other towns. The owner of the nation’s town is the capital city. The more towns in the nation, the more bonus plots you all get for your towns.

Pretty neat, huh?

To start a nation do /nation new NationName. Just like when you made your town you’ll need to use _ or – for spaces in the name of your nation. It costs 200 voxels to make a nation. Also similar to the towns, you’ll need to pay upkeep so make sure you put money in the bank. You can’t withdraw from this bank either. Do /nation deposit amount to put money in the nation’s bank. To add towns to your nation do /nation add townname. So for example, if you want to add the town Small-Town to your nation do /nation add Small-Town.

Nations can tax the towns that are in it but that is optional. To charge towns tax for being a member in your nation do /nation set taxes amount Let’s say you want to tax your towns 2 voxels a day, the command you would do would be /nation set taxes 2. Nations can ally with other nations. Do /nation ally add NationName. If you decide to break the alliance you can switch add with remove. You can also become enemies with other nations to /nation enemy add NationName.

Have fun with your new nation!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in chat or contact staff!

Be sure to type /help towny in-game to learn more about Towns