Towns are a feature on Vox Populi added in via the Towny plugin. They can be created by players in both Survival and Skylands. Anyone standing within a town is exempted from PvP and is prevented from casting most spells.


When a town is created only the plot the creator was standing on will be owned, a plot is the size of a standard minecraft chunk. In order to claim more land, the Mayor must use the command /t claim while standing in a plot next to one already owned.

Tip: This process can be sped up by pressing up in chat to reaccess the command instead of having to retype it.

Towns are limited in the amount of plots they can own, this number increases as the members of the town do. Each plot is equal to one 16×16 chunk. You can use /towny map to see which plots are owned and which are available to be added to your town.

Creating a Town

The first step in creating a town is to find a suitable plot of land, which if you’ve already created a base will hopefully be that. Then usage of the command /town new [town name] will create the town.

Note: Creating a town costs 100 Voxels, but it is not a one time cost. Towns have upkeep costs, meaning that if you create one with exactly 100 Voxels in your inventory it will collapse when upkeep is collected

Managing a town

After a town has been created, it’s information can be seen using the command /t. This information tells one how many residents are in the town, how many of them are assistants, who the mayor is, and more importantly the town bank.
The town bank is what funds the town and keeps it alive, when claiming new plots money will be taken from the bank, not from player inventories, as will the upkeep costs. Money can be added to the bank via /t deposit [amount], this money is taken directly from the players inventory.