Skills and Stats


All types of people come together, whether lover or fighter, on Vox Populi. Some may be in tune with the great outdoors and prefer woodcutting or fishing. Others may work on their archery or swordsmanship. No matter what the activity preference we all can get along and find our niche on this vast world map.

One main way we are able to find our niche is with the plug-in McMMO. What is McMMO you ask? It’s a plug-in that gives us the ability to level skills like other MMORPG games.

McMMO gives you the capability to level up skills such as mining, excavation, and more. Not only can you level up these skills but you can also gain special abilities the higher the level you get in a skill.

Gathering Skills:

Miscellaneous Skills:


Combat Skills:


Child Skills:



One of the most popular activities on Minecraft is mining and fortunately there is a skill for that thanks to McMMO.

Features of the Mining Skill:

Super Breaker Ability


The Super Breaker Ability allows you to mine super fast when you are wielding a pickaxe. It also gives you 3 times the chance of getting double drops. To use this skill right-click a minable block with pickaxe in your hand.

Use this ability with caution though. Your pickaxe will take a lot of damage and if it breaks during the Super Breaker you’ll get hurt.


Increased Item Drops:



Not only does Super Breaker give you the chance for having more drops, just leveling the mining skill does as well. The higher the level, the more chances of having double and even triple drops.



Blast Mining:


Blast Mining is a quick way to mine a large area. All you need is some TNT and a flint and steel. To Blast Mine crouch and light the TNT with the flint and steel. In addition, you don’t need to be close to the TNT to light it, it just has to be in your sight. If you right click the TNT from afar while equipping the flint and steel, you can light it this way instead if you prefer. Blast mining increases the chances of getting more drops per natural block. If you have a very high mining level you have a chance for triple the drops when Blast Mining. When you Blast Mine you take less damage from the TNT’s explosions than you would normally.

For those of you that love chopping down trees there is a skill for that too! The Woodcutting skill has some pretty neat features you can use.

Tree Feller:


Tree Feller makes any size tree completely fall down with the chopping of one block, similar to the plug-in Treecapitator. All of the logs will fall to the ground and even a large portion of the leaves will as well when you use this feature. There is a cooldown on Tree Feller between each use. The higher your woodcutting level, the faster the tree will fall when you use it, so get to chopping!



Increased Drops:



When your woodcutting level goes up you have more of a chance of double drops while chopping trees. This feature only works on naturally found logs and not ones that you or another player places.



Leaf Blower:



When you get to level 100 in woodcutting you can easily destroy leaves. It only takes one hit of an axe to take a leaf down at this level. Be gone floating treetops!

For those that enjoy farming there is the Herbalism skill. Herbalism is leveled by growing crops, picking flowers, gathering vines, and more. Growing crops such as mushrooms, netherwart, and cacti raise this skill as well.

Features of Herbalism:




Green Thumb: The Green Thumb feature gives players a chance of re-planting crops automatically when harvesting. When the crops are planted this way, they may be at a higher growth stage depending on if your level. So for example, if you are at a pretty high level in Herbalism there is a chance that your freshly planted wheat will already be half grown when you plant it!

This feature works with carrots, potatoes, and seeds. If you really want to grow a lot of crops, this is the way to go. Get your level up so you don’t have to wait so long to harvest!

In addition, Green Thumb can give you the perk of turning cobble into mossy cobble and stone brick into mossy stone brick. Just use seeds on one of the two to turn them mossy. The chance of successfully doing this increases when your level does.



Shroom Thumb: If you have both brown and red mushrooms in your inventory and you put a mushroom on dirt there is a chance that the dirt will transform into mycelium. This only works when you place it on dirt though.





Farmer’s Diet: After toiling over your fields for long periods of time, eventually you will start to learn how to make your crops more effective. Herbalism foods will increase how much they feed your hunger when you get higher levels in this skill.





Hylian Luck: May the luck of Hyrule be upon you with this feature. Picking items such as grass, saplings, dead bushes, flowers, and flower pots gives you a chance to get treasure from them just like Link himself!





Double Drops: Similar to a lot of the other skills on McMMO, you can also get an increased chance for double drops in Herbalism. The higher the level, the higher the chance of getting a double drop.

Start casting your rods out to sea! McMMO has a skill for fishing and it is definitely worth working on. You can catch much more than fish with this plug-in.



Treasure Hunter: The higher your level is in fishing, the better loot you can get from doing so. Some examples of items you can get at high levels are diamonds, gold, diamond armor, diamond tools, and records.

Master Angler: When you increase your fishing level, you also increase the chances of catching fish. Practice makes perfect, right? The same goes with fishing on McMMO.

Magic Hunter: The Magic Hunter ability allows you to fish enchanted items out of the water. This chance increases with your skill level. There also is a bigger chance of getting enchanted items when you fish during rain. Don’t forget your umbrella.

Fisherman’s Diet: After slaving over your fishing rod for awhile, you’ll eventually learn how to catch fish that feed you more. The Fisherman’s Diet raises how much hunger a fish will replenish when eaten.

Shaking: This ability allows you to literally shake items from mobs when you hit them with your fishing pole. That trusty little hook of yours latches onto the loot. However, be careful doing this because it takes a lot of the durability away from your fishing rod. You also can use the fishing rod to kill mobs with as well thanks to McMMO.

Ice Fishing: Ice fishing is a really neat perk that lets you fish in snowy biomes. Just cast your fishing rod out on a sea of ice and it will melt a spot for you to fish in.


Archeology isn’t the only reason to dig on Vox Populi. We also have an excavation skill! Excavation is raised by digging natural blocks such as dirt, gravel, clay, mycelium, grass, sand, and soul sand. There are two perks to raising this skill.


Giga Drill Breaker: When you right click while holding a shovel you can immediately break blocks that can be dug with a shovel. After awhile this feature will wear off though. The time you are able to use it depends on how high your excavation skill level is.

Treasure Hunt: Hidden in the ground are treasures that you can dig up aside from those in the Archeology plug-in. When you raise your excavation level you have higher chances of digging up loot such as diamonds, cake, music discs, and more!


Axes aren’t only used for woodcutting on Vox Populi. They can be brutal weapons for you to fight with during PVP or while slaying those pesky mobs. The combat skill for axes has a few enticing incentives for you to take full advantage of.


Skull Splitter: This feature causes and area of effect (AoE) that damages mobs around you. You do not accumulate McMMO experience from killing mobs while using this feature. It sure does come in handy when you are surrounded by mobs or are fighting more than one player at a time. Skull Splitter is turned on when you right click while holding an axe in your hand and hit a mob or a player.

Greater Impact: While fighting players or mobs with axes you have a chance of using Greater Impact. When this occurs in chat you will see *STRUCK WITH GREAT FORCE*. When Greater Impact is used it is like you hit them using Knockback II. On top of that it increases damages on unarmored foes.

Axe Mastery: Axe Mastery allows you to increase the damage you inflict while using an axe to fight. When your combat axe levels goes up, the damage you can hit while using an axe goes up.

Critical Strike: Critical Strike is yet another way you can inflict extra damage on your enemies by using an axe. Just like with Axe Mastery, the chance of this happening depends on your level in the axe combat skill. When Critical Strike happens you can cause 2 times as much damage to mobs and 1.5 times as much damage to players.

Increased Damage on Armor: Axes take down durability faster on an opponent’s armor than using a sword. This feature is nice to have especially if their armor already is close to breaking.


Slicing and dicing with swords can be a great way to kill mobs or other players in pvp. McMMO makes it even better with the swords skill!


Serrated Strikes: Right-click while holding a sword in your hand to turn on this neat feature. Serrated Strikes lets you deal even more damage during combat while using your trusty sword. You can hit up to 25% more damage when Serrated Strikes is activated. It also applies a Bleed+ to enemies around you but this only affects those in a small radius. It also depends on what kind of sword you are using. Diamonds swords, for example, will affect more enemies than a wooden one. The Bleed+ feature has a duration of 5 ticks and causes those hit by it to bleed for 150% the normal time they would bleed. This results in 4 and a half hearts of damage.

Bleed: Enemies, both players and mobs, will receive damage every 2 seconds. If you make a mob Bleed, they will do so until the effect dissipates or they die, depending on how much health they had when they acquired the Bleed effect. Bleed lasts longer, and therefore deals more damage, when your swords skill gets higher.
Counter Attack: There is a chance when fighting a foe that what they hit you will be dealt back to them half as much. The chance of this increases when your swords skill increases. It doesn’t work when you have only half a heart or if the attacks were projectiles though.



Those that want to feel like Robin Hood or perhaps Katniss Everdeen can do so with the McMMO skill Archery! Yes, thats right; you can get perks by ranking up your archery skill.

Daze: The Daze feature puts your opponents in a stupor, making them unable to fight back. Not only are they incapable of fighting back, they also get dealt 2 extra hearts of damage. The chance to use the daze feature increases as your level in archery increases.

Bonus Damage: In addition to the Daze feature, you can increase how much damage your arrows hit. When your level in archery goes up so does the damage you hit on enemies.


Improve your taming skill to increase the fighting power of your furry friends during battle. You can turn them into mean, lean, tearing machines.

*Active Skill*

Call of the Wild: When you hold 10 bones in your hand or 10 fish in your hand you can hold shift and left click to activate tamings active ability “Call of the Wild.” The bones will summon a wolf and the fish will summon an ocelot. Animals summoned this way only have 8 hearts vs. 20 hearts normal tamed animals have. After awhile these animals will disappear.

*Passive Skill*

 (Passive skills are gained when your level increases to certain stages.)

Gore: There is a chance that tamed wolves will critically strike their opponent causing them to have the Bleed effect.

Fast Food Service: This feature gives a 50/50 chance that your wolves will heal when attacked.

Thick Fur: Wolves only get hit with half the damage inflicted and are also become fire resistant.

Holy Hound: Poison heals the wolves instead of hurting them.

Shock Proof: Wolves only receive 1/6th of the damage from explosions.

Sharpened Claws: Wolves inflict bonus damage during combat.

Sometimes those pesky mobs, or even PVPers can catch you off guard. However, with McMMO you wont be completely defenseless though. The unarmed skill helps you pack more damage into punches for those fights in which you dont have a weapon.

*Active Skill*

Berserk: Right-click your mouse when nothing is in your hand to activate this skill. Berserk allows you to deal 50% more damage per punch. When your skill goes up in Unarmed, this feature lasts longer. Not only can Berserk help you inflict more pain on foes, it also can help you break those weaker blocks like dirt, gravel, and sand much faster. In addition, Berserk can turn stone bricks into cracked stone brick, a rarity.

*Passive Skills* (Passive skills are gained when your level increases to certain stages.)

Iron Arm Style: The higher your level is in unarmed, the more damage you strike foes with.

Arrow Deflect: This ability increases the chance that arrows shot at you will do no harm.

Disarm: This perk comes in pretty handy during combat. There is a chance you will literally disarm your opponent, causing what they are holding to drop to the ground for you to pick up. If what they are holding is stacked then you get the whole stack.

Iron Grip: If a person tries to disarm you then you have a chance to make their attempt on you fail.

Strength Potion Proficiency: Strength II potions will have twice the effect for you if you are unarmed while fighting.

Smelting is a skill born from love the between the Mining and Repair skills. Your smelting level depends on the average of its mom and dads skills. So if your Mining skill is 344 and your Repair skill is 238 then your Smelting skill would be 291.

Fuel Efficiency: When your smelting level increases so does the time an item will burn as fuel in your furnace. Fuel Efficiency only works on coal and charcoal.

Second Smelt: As your level goes up, the chance increases that one smelted item will double in the furnace.

Vanilla Experience Boost: As your smelting level goes up, so does the amount of experience you get per item smelted.

Flux Mining: When you mine ores there is a possibility that the item will smelt itself when mined giving you the ingot instead of the ore.

Repairing just got easier because of McMMO. Now you can fix things using an iron block and having the materials in your inventory. Shift-click an iron block while holding the item you want to repair to fix it. Be careful though, if there are enchants on it there is a chance they will disappear or downgrade after repairs.

Arcane Forging: When you get really high levels in repair, you have more of a chance of keeping enchants on your items. There is always a chance to lose enchants though, no matter the level.

Repair Mastery: When your repair level gets higher it takes fewer materials to repair items.

For those that enjoy jumping off high things, raising your acrobatics skill is a pretty good idea. To raise the acrobatics skill you can jump off high things. Many also train acrobatics using sponges.

Rolling: The chance of taking fall damage decreases as your level in acrobatics rises. If your level gets high enough, you may not take any damage from falling.

Graceful Roll: If you hold in shift while you are falling, you get a higher chance of having the Roll effect. Make sure you hold it in towards the beginning of your jump. If you are close to the ground and then hold in shift it wont work for you.

Dodging: While fighting in combat you can lessen the damage taken from your enemies.

Be sure to type /help skills in-game to learn more about Skills and Stats