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Server Ranks | Vox Populi

Server Ranks

General Ranks ‘/playtime’ required
[B] Builder 0 – 24 hours, everyone starts with this rank
[A] Advanced Builder 24+ hours
[*] Veteran 30+ days, can be obtained in addition to Donation ranks
Donation Ranks Donation Amount
[D] Donor $5
[C] Contributor $10
[E] Endorser $20
[Ba] Backer $30
[S] Supporter $60
[I] Investor $120
[F] Financier $240
Special Ranks How to obtain
[MVP] Be the top Active Donor
[VIP] Only issued by Zombiemold (i.e. Markiplier, Lordminion777, etc)
Staff Ranks Brief Description
[MIT] Moderator in Training, responsible for your moderation and welcoming needs. Includes general question answering and in-game help
[Mod] Moderator, responsible for finding your lost items, restoring grief, powering through tickets, and backing up Moderators
[Admin] Administrator, responsible for the servers in-game, including all Moderation and live-time gameplay aspect
[PM] Project Manager, responsible for a host of projects that happen behind the scenes, managers of everything
[GM] Game Mechanic, responsible for plugin config management, game balancing, and bug crushing
[CM] Community Manager, responsible for bringing you the news updates, help information, and involvement you desire
[QA] Quality Assurance, responsible for testing existing and new content and providing valued feedback
[Ar] Architect, responsible for creating server buildings, custom worlds, and towny builds
[Art] Artist, responsible for music, drawing, or other artistic needs
[Owner] Owner, Zombiemold and Latin’s rank only