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Sentients | Vox Populi


Sentient Items are weapons, tools, or armor that have a soul. These sentient artifacts originate in mystery but possess unique personalities and attributes. They start weak but they level with you when used, potentially growing into very powerful, reliable artifacts.

How to Obtain Sentients.

They are quite valuable, and can be obtained at the “Royal Gallery” (/warp royal) by exchanging “Valerian Royales” -A token that can be purchased from our e-store: https://voxmc.com/shop/-. Or, you can earn them in-game for pinnacle raid activities when those return, or by exchanging “Prestige Tokens” at the “Gallery of the Prestige” (/warp prestige).

How Sentients Work.

Each sentient item is an individual and gains experience in a way suited to their playstyle. Usually, this includes slaying mobs and getting used in combat. Every time a sentient would gain experience through action, they will draw it from your experience pool and slowly level up. Leveling up your sentient consumes your xp bar.

Upon reaching a new level, a sentient will gain a level point. You can spend this point to upgrade your sentient via the “/sentient upgrade” command.

At level 50, their final grade, they can attain one of several potential definitive sockets unique to the sentient item type. This is their final, and ultimate upgrade!

Sentient Examples


Stellis has made her first appearance! She is a mythical soul who utilizes her power of the wind to wipe out evil wherever they hide. Combine your might with her to build a partnership that is sure to set fear in the hearts of your enemies.

(Stellis, Warden of the Wind has a unique texture in the official Vox resource pack)


Dragonrend is a monstrous blade, capable of dealing devastating damage to dragons. The origin of this enigmatic soul is shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain; it detests dragons.

(Dragonrend has a unique texture in the official Vox resource pack)