• No Griefing!

Griefing is: breaking player-placed blocks, placing blocks on player-made structures; killing player-owned animals, letting them out of their pens/ cages or stealing them; taking crops that aren’t yours.

  • Large redstone builds which cause server lag will be deleted.

Fast redstone clocks can especially be laggy, and will be deleted.

  • Hacks or exploitable mods are not allowed.

This includes fly hacks and xray hacks/ xray texture packs If you are unsure if a mod is okay please ask staff before using it on the server.

  • Items on the ground are fair game for anyone to take.

If you drop an item in a public place, and another players picks it up, they are not required to return the item. It makes them a jerk, but it not against the rules.

  • No Looting.

Taking items from chests, hoppers, droppers, furnaces, etc. that do not belong to you is not allowed. This also includes taking blocks which have been placed by another player.

  • Exploitation of plug-in mechanics is not allowed.

Exploitation might be abusing a glitch or error for personal gain. Use your common sense, something not feel right? Talk to a staff member.

  • Offensive structures or signs are not allowed.

Signs and builds follow the same content rules as our chat. Offensive can apply to vulgar or explicit builds, but could also be symbols which might offend a larger portion of the player base.

  • When asked to leave a players town or house you are to leave.

No arguing. Don’t stand waiting outside of their town border if they ask you to leave.

  • Do not build near other players’ towns or start a town by another player’s town.

They might want to expand someday. You must leave at least 5 chunks (80 blocks) of space between your town and theirs, as well as 7 chunks (112 blocks) away from their town’s spawn/home block.

  • AFK and EXP farms are not allowed on our server.

Any construction or use of one is a warnable offence. Mob grinders (for hostile mobs) are also not permitted.

  • Offensive and foul language, and going around the censor is not allowed.

Simply censoring yourself does not qualify as obeying this rule. Please remember that this is a family friendly server and behave accordingly.

  • Do not reprimand others for breaking chat rules, unless no staff is present to do so.

This can become spammy and make it more difficult for staff to deal with issues.

  • This is not a roleplaying server. Excessive roleplay in chat can get spammy, and you may be asked to stop.

If you wish to roleplay, please use a party chat or the dedicated roleplaying chat to do so.

  • Please avoid using references to religion in chat.

We have all walks of faith on our server and this can cause offence.

  • No politics, racism, sexism, or derogatory speech will be tolerated.

This has been known to upset players and cause heated debates, both of which we prefer to avoid.

  • Please keep fighting and drama out of global chat.

Please keep it to PM and/or report it to staff either directly or via a ticket.

  • Do not harass other players.

Harassment means to repeatedly target another player in a negative way, whether it be verbal or physical. This is a wide branching rule, and many negative things may be considered to be harassment, so be on your best behavior and give people space when they need it.

  • No begging.

This is a survival server, which means apart from your starter kit, it is up to you to find ways to earn or generate what you need.
No advertising other servers, or posting links in chat.

  • If you are asked to stop doing something by a staff member, you are required to do so.

Failing to, or arguing with them, may result in a warning.

  • No spamming allowed.

Spamming includes: sending the same message in chat many times; typing symbols, random letters/numbers; singing song lyrics in chat; linking large numbers of items, etc.

  • Use colored chat for a few letters only, not entire sentences.

Do NOT use dark red or black text in global chat.

In some circumstances, Staff may need to make a ruling based on a situation that is not covered by the rules or that is more extreme than those anticipated when creating the rules. In these instances, please bear in mind that Admin/ present Staff have the final say regarding a decision.

All staff are to be given respect. While a ranking staff member may not be present, any staff member has contact with the rest and may speak on behalf of the staff body when required.

Helpers, Elites, Mods and Admins are all ranking staff. This means that all have authority over chat and situations requiring a staff voice. While their domains differ according to rank, and are not necessarily ‘in training’ for another rank, they are all members of the same hierarchy. Please remember this when speaking to them.

Remember that Griefing can also include mining into a player’s claimed area or town, even if you don’t break anything player-placed. Be careful!

*Disclaimer* If a problem comes up that is not within the rules then staff will take care of it. Sometimes unique situations come up that are not in the rules. If an admin rules on a decision, then that decision is final.