Features of our Custom Pack include:

– Animated textures for items such as Ender Pearls, Ghast Tears, Golden Apples, and more!!

– Specialized textures for Gold Nuggets!!

– Special, Randomized textures for Hostile mobs such as Zombies, Pigmen, Skeletons, and More!!

– Alternate Textures for items such as Spawn Eggs, Spider Eyes, Quartz, and More!!

– Additional special textures for Pigs, Cows, and Sheep!

– Specialized Villager and Witch Textures with special voice packs!

– Special, randomized textures for Alex and Steve skins!

– Specialized, animated textures for Ores!

– Animated textures for Redstone blocks, Glowstone blocks, Diamond blocks, and more!!

– A UNIQUE set of Paintings, Art, Banners and More!!

– UNIQUE textures for Event items, Exotics, Sentients, Specialty Weapons, Armors, and more!!**

– UNIQUE Mob visuals for specialty mobs!!

Some items need Optifine to show their custom textures. Refer to https://voxmc.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8261 for help downloading Optifine so you can see all the custom textures of our awesome resource pack!!

Download This:


Current version: 2.0.0 Updated (11/13/2017)

Pick only one of the following sphax packs:

Optional Additions:


1. Download the 128 x 128 Vox Edition Patch.

2. Place it in your \.minecraft\resourcepacks folder.

3. Download any version of BdCraft 1.9 from Sphax.

4. Place BdCraft in your \.minecraft\resourcepacks folder as well.

5. In Minecraft, click options.

6. Click resource Packs.

7. Move the BdCraft texture pack over the the right.

8. Move the Vox Edition Patch over to the right.

9 The Vox Edition patch should be on top of the BdCraft texture pack on the right.

10. Click Done. Enjoy.

** Note: This pack ONLY works with Minecraft 1.9. If you try to use it in any other Minecraft version you will end up with a lot of broken textures.

Remember, you need to download both the patch AND the standard Bdcraft texture pack.