Step One: Download either the 128x or 64x version of our pack

128 x 128 is recommended, but if your computer isn’t particularly powerful perhaps try the 64 x 64 version.

Current version: 2.3.5 Updated (4/25/2020)

Step Two: Download your prefered version of the official Sphax pack

You should pick the Sphax version that matches which of our packs you picked above.

Step Three: Drag both packs in your resource packs folder

Step Four: (Optional/Recommended) Download Optifine

Optifine is not required but highly recommended. The largest and most important feature of our resource pack is that it provides unique textures for armor, items and mobs if Optifine is installed, which is why it is highly recommended.

Step Five: (Optional/Recommended) Install Optifine

If you are not using forge you can simply double-click on the newly download Optifine jar and follow the on-screen instructions to install it to your Minecraft.

Step Six: Run Minecraft and select both resource packs

You can do this by clicking Options and then clicking Resource Packs. From there, click the icon of both the official Vox resource pack as well as your preferred version of Sphax (See image below). When you have them selected and added to the right side of the resource packs window, click Done.

That's It!

If you followed the above steps correctly you should have our resource pack installed along with the official Sphax resource pack as well as Optifine.

This will transform your game and greatly enhance your experience on our server. We are very passionate about the resource pack so please share your thoughts or recommendations either on our Discord or on our forum. Enjoy.

Features of our Custom Pack include:

– A suite of unique sound effects for spells, bosses, and items.

– Animated textures for items such as Ender Pearls, Ghast Tears, Golden Apples, and more.

– Specialized coin texture for Gold Nuggets.

– Special, Randomized textures for Hostile mobs such as Zombies, Pigmen, Skeletons, and others.

– Alternate Textures for items such as Spawn Eggs, Spider Eyes, Quartz, and others.

– Additional special textures for Pigs, Cows, and Sheep and Chicken.

– Specialized Villager and Witch Textures with special voice packs.

– Randomized textures for Alex and Steve skins.

– Animated ore textures.

– Animated textures for Redstone blocks, Glowstone blocks, Diamond blocks, and more!!

– A UNIQUE set of Paintings.

– UNIQUE textures for Event items, Exotics, Sentients, Specialty Weapons, Armors, and more!!**

– UNIQUE Mob visuals for specialty mobs.

With recent Minecraft versions, you can layer and mix resource packs together. Below are a few optional resource packs you can mix with Sphax and ours.