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Ranger | Vox Populi


Rangers wield bows with finesse and speed, bombarding their foes with arrows in a relentless fashion. They are at home in the wild and share a close bond with their canine ally. They excel at dealing damage at range whilst simultaneously keeping unwanted enemies at bay.

Armor Type:

  • Chainmail Armor

Main Weapon:

  • Bow

Off-hand Weapon:

  • Stone Axe/Stone Sword

Desired Socket Attributes:

  • Alacrity – Boosts ability power of Deft and Strategic abilities used by the ranger.
  • Dexterity – Reduces the chance for enemies to dodge attacks, lessening the chance for their arrows and ranger abilities to miss.

Strategic Abilities

Strategic abilities can be used by both Bards and Rangers, but are particularly deadly in the hands of a ranger as strategic abilities solely benefit from the Alacrity socket, which is specifically geared towards the Ranger class.

Barrage: (Strategic Ability) Attack the target location with a barrage of arrows. – Barrage is a low damage ability used when other abilities are on cooldown. Its low cost and virtually no cooldown means it can be used rapidly to assure enemy targets are being hit. Paired with a strong punch enchantment, it can be used to keep unwanted enemies away.

Volley: (Strategic Ability) Attack the target location with a volley of arrows, rapidly dealing damage, and slowing struck targets. – Volley is an excellent area of effect ability that can deal lots of damage to a small area while slowing any enemies which survive. It can even be used against a single target if need be.

Stormbite: (Strategic Ability) Your next arrow shot will deal extra initial damage, as well as extra damage over a short duration if an enemy target is struck. – Stormbite is best used against players and bosses as it takes time for it to deal its full damage. While initially weak, Stormbite can be amplified to deal high damage when wearing armor or wielding weapons with the Alacrity socket enhancement.

Deft Abilities

Deft abilities are core to the Ranger class. They focus on dealing damage and commanding your allied wolf.

ExplosiveShot: (Deft Ability) Fire an explosive shot that deals big damage in a small area near the struck enemy or location. – Its area of effect is quite small, so it is not geared for dealing with larger groups. Its strength is in being a reliable source of damage even if your shot misses a target.

Sidewinders: (Deft Ability) Fire multiple homing sidewinder arrows at all enemy targets in a cone in front of you, dealing physical damage. Sidewinders require that you have them fletched before using them. You passively fletch sidewinders every 30 seconds, up to three. – The range and area that sidewinders can cover is quite large, so it can be very useful for dealing damage to large groups, as well as difficult to hit enemies.

Hunt: (Deft Ability) Send your wolf on a hunt, making the next target struck with an arrow to draw the attention of your wolf. For a short duration after using hunt, your wolf will deal large amounts of damage. – Since a ranger relies so heavily on their wolf ally, they will need to direct them to the targets they want to take down. With hunt, you can do just that, directing your wolf around the battlefield and dealing damage that scales with the Alacrity socket enhancement.

Disengage: (Deft Ability) Disengage, jumping backward and cleansing any slowing effects. – Rangers excel at keeping their distance from targets, and while many of their abilities function up close, they lack many defensive options. Disengage will assist a ranger and keeping the distance they need.

Both rangers and bards alike utilize a unique resource called Spirit.

Spirit generates slowly over time and is required to use most skills. Rangers have very few options of increasing their spirit generation, but also utilize abilities that make the most out of their cost.

Rangers can pair up with their wolf in “Wolf Stance” to generate spirit whenever their wolf deals damage. This causes their spirit generation to rise greatly, which in turn allows for a rapid use of skills and abilities. See the stances section for more information.

The Ranger’s Talisman is the most important item in a ranger’s arsenal. It is the sole way in which they can switch stances.

Left clicking while holding the Ranger’s Talisman will cycle through their three combat stances. Each stance provides a unique passive benefit to their skills and actions.

Cycling stances is instant. However, if you cycle too fast, a cooldown will kick in, so don’t be reckless.

Bear Stance: (Deft Ability) Successfully landing four arrow shots in a row while in bear stance will cause your next arrow shot to stun, dealing bonus damage. – Bear Stance is a neutral stance which is useful in many scenarios and does not require spirit to be effective. The damage and stun effectiveness is heightened with the Alacrity socket enhancement.

Wolf Stance: (Deft Ability) While in wolf stance, your tamed wolf will cause you to generate spirit when it attacks. – Without wolf stance, spirit generates very slowly for a ranger, making it essential for replenishing spirit. This stance otherwise has no other combat effects, so when full on spirit, it is more effective to swap to a different stance.

 Ocelot Stance: (Deft Ability) While in ocelot stance, taking damage will cause you to receive a burst of speed. Additionally, your attacks will consume spirit to heal you. – The spirit cost of healing under the effects of Ocelot Stance is very high, so attacking too quickly will rapidly deplete your spirit reserves. The boost of speed provided by the stance can be useful for avoiding attacks. The healing and speed boost effects of Ocelot Stance are both enhanced by the Alacrity socket enhancement.