Want to make your roleplaying experience even more unique and interesting? Try joining a race! Races give you even more benefits during your game play on the Vox Server. There are 8 different races to chose from, each unique in their own way. They don’’t change how you look to others in game but they can give you other perks you wouldn’’t have otherwise.

When you join Vox Populi you are in the Human race by default. Type /races list and you can see a list of the different races to join, however, you won’t be able to use race commands until you are ADV rank or higher. Do /races join racename, substituting racename for the race, to join. So for example, doing /races join creeper would be the command to join the creeper race.


Humans are the default race, everyone starts as a human. Humans have no major features, but are the only race that can become a Vampire or Werewolf.


Squids have a natural comfort in water, allowing them to function better underwater than any other race. In combat, they spray Ink on their enemies, temporarily blinding them. Look out for their tentacles.


Pigmen are able to forage carrots from anywhere and everywhere, and also have increased knockback due to their piggy-like strength.


These slimy fellows have a tendency to cover their enemies in goo during combat, slowing them. Striking them just right may shave off a slimeball or two, but don’t let them eat slime, or they will regenerate their health.


Beasts deal extra damage in combat by scratching their enemies with their claws. In addition, they get a brief burst of speed when they take damage. As a natural predator, beasts can always obtain food, and their favorite is fish!


CREEPERS GO BOOM! The creeper race has the ability to discover gunpowder and TNT when breaking blocks, and in combat, their attacks cause explosions around them.


Elves can forage apples from trees with ease. In combat, they are deadly with bows, and can deflect harmful spells with their natural magic. Don’t make fun of their ears.


With their cauldrons and a little Hocus Pocus, Witches can conjure alchemical ingredients from thin air. In addition, their affinity to magic gives their spells a bit of extra power.


Endermen teleport in combat, forge ender pearls, and can use their slender fingers to pry blocks directly from their source.


Skilled miners, Dwarves can mine faster than anyone, and pick up extra gold and treasure along the way. They are very proud of their beards. NEVER try to toss them.

Be sure to type /help races in-game to learn more about Races

20 thoughts on “Races

  1. Usnavy2008

    You download vanila minecraft (regular minecraft), make sure after you log in, go to edit profile, then to use version and select 1.7.4 then save, then you go and download this http://optifined.net/adloadx.php?f=OptiFine_1.7.4_HD_U_D1.jar
    after you download and press install, it should say it worked, if you get error you did something wrong, after you install, go back to minecraft launcher, select optifine profile and click play

  2. DreamMaster89

    I’ve been an Enderman for a while, but I don’t know how to use the teleport ability. How do you teleport in combat using that Enderman ability?

    Also, what about this Witch race I’ve read a bit about on the forums? Why not include it & its perks on this page?

    1. DanaCZ

      The Enderman teleport ability is passive, which means it’s random when you get hit.

      The website is not up to date yet, but you can view the race in game via /race info witch 🙂

  3. dafish_omega

    You do not craft the enderpearls. When you kill an enemy mob (a zombie, creeper, skeleton, cow, pig, and creature) there is a small chance to drop them.
    You do not activate the teleporting either. When an enemy hits you, you have a chance to teleport.
    And prying blocks is random chance as well. But can be very useful for when you want, say, mycelium.
    Enderman is a passive class. You cannot use commands for the race in any way.
    The other races (that i can remember) are the witch, slime, pigman, squid, elf, dwarf, and beast. I might have missed one. But each class has its own individual perks. You can find out what they are on the server itself. Just type /race info
    Have fun and enjoy 😀

    1. ShooShoo

      The server is Premium, If you want to play on the server, you need to have a Minecraft (Mojang) account to play on here…

    1. ShooShoo

      They use a special type of plugin called “SocialCore” (The Vox Developers/Owners made the plugin, and they don’t publish their plugin’s globally because how awesome their server is!

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