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Event-Midsummer Festival | Vox Populi

Event-Midsummer Festival

The Midsummer Festival begins in late June and ends in early July


The Midsummer festival is a celebration marking the Summer solstice. It begins in late June and ends in early July. It’s a celebration of refreshment and lots and lots of dancing! In this Event, players can collect Spirits of Summer to trade for cool seasonal items at the downtown villagers. There’s a boss called The Dancing Flame that comes around every once in a while to test your dancing skills and reward you with Spirits of Summer if you do what he says in his adaptation of Simon Says! 

The more you dance, the hotter you get! When your character is hot (Flame particles surrounding you) drink a bottle of water, or eat a slice of water melon to cool down. Doing so will grant you a Spirit of Summer, which you can trade in for festive rewards downtown. Dancing around the festival bonfire will also occasionally grant you spirits of summer, so dance your heart out! Dancing around the bonfire consists of jumping and crouching. Both can be done at the same time, so the harder you dance, the faster you can get Spirits of Summer!

In addition to dancing, you can purchase special Spicy Bait to use to catch the elusive Sunfish, which can also be traded in for special prizes. Fireworks and Sparklers are available for purchase as well, to make the partying that much more intense!!

Keep in mind that even in the summer, the lands of Valeria are much cooler in the nighttime than in the day, so you may have trouble working up a sweat after sundown. And as always, a storm will ruin the party, so keep your eyes out for rainstorms.