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Spells are cool effects you can use in PvP and PvE to your own benefit. They are cast either by commands, or using wand items. They all generally have their own reagent cost, and cooldown timer, and are always subject to change.

Spells can be cast either by using the /cast command or by using a wand item with /cast bind SPELLNAME.  To cast a spell, a player must first know the spell. You can learn spells from Spell Tomes sold in Dust Town, Valeria Bay, and Cloud Top.

Here is an example of a spell’s usage:

Lets say Bob buys the Blink Tome. He holds it out, then right clicks. Bob can now use the blink spell. He can either cast it by command, by typing /cast blink, or he can cast it with a wand item. To select the spell, he holds the wand in his hand and right clicks. Right clicking will cycle through any spells assigned to the item he is holding. When he has the one he wants, he left clicks to cast.

If Bob does not have the required reagents for the spell, or if he has cast it recently and it is still on cooldown, he will not be able to cast the spell and will instead receive an error message.

These spells are command-based spells that affect the plugin itself. You’ll probably want to always have these available, otherwise players won’t be able to use the plugin properly.


Knowledge of the arcane arts of magic lies unseen within the tomes, waiting on a reader to absorb the hidden knowledge within. Spells for enhancing combat, farming crops, discovering hidden diamond ores, and more are available if you think you are up to the challenge of mastering them.

Spells take more than just a command to cast them, you need reagents in your inventory as well. All spells have cooldowns but the time varies depending on the spell.

Upon joining Vox, you get eight spells: List, Help, Bind, Fireball, Heal, Scroll, Unbind, and Forget. List, Bind, Help, Unbind, and Forget are meta spells. They don’t cost anything, and are used to assist with other spells. To cast a spell type /cast <spellname> but replace spellname with the actual name of the spell. You also can do /c <spellname> for a shortcut. It does the same thing, just less typing.

Bind is a very handy spell. It allows you to bind a spell to an object so that you can cast it by clicking the item in your hand and not having to type /cast spellname all of the time. Do /c bind <spellname> while holding an item to bind the spell to that item. One of the best items to bind it to is a wand, which you get in your starter kit when you join the server. You can bind it to other items instead if you’d like, like your favorite sword, for example. You can bind more than one spell to an object. To cycle through the spells right click the item they are bound to. To use spells that are bound just click the item in the direction of the place you want the spell cast. Some spells need targets, others do not.
Spells are also affected by special conditions. For instance, wearing Gold Armor will increase your spell’s potency by a certain amount per piece that you wear.

Moreover, a lot of spells cannot be cast in towns run by the plug in Towny. This is to prevent pvping in the non-pvp areas.

If you’d like to see what spells you own, the spell /cast list will give you a list in chat of all of the spells you know.

If you would like to learn more spells there are a few different ways to obtain them. First of all, the Magetower has the biggest selection of spells for sale. /warp magetower will take you there. When you buy a spell tome, which is the book that contains the spell, all you have to do is read it and you will take in the knowledge within permanently.

In addition, you can earn spells by trading in certain rare artifacts at the archeology guild. Check out for more information on that.

On a side note, some holiday events give you the ability to purchase seasonal spells.

If you want to learn more about a spell do /cast help <spellname> and it will tell you some information. Make sure you replace spellname with the actual name of the spell.

If you have any more questions about spells, feel free to ask other players or staff members and they will do the best they can to assist you.


Spells are cool effects you can use in PvP and PvE to your own benefit. They are cast either by commands, or using wand items.

Major Elements

The Major Elements of Magic are comprised of Shadow, Holy, Water, Fire, and Ice. These are the main types of Mages, and depending on the element, one’s playstyle can be enormously varied. These spells are far more powerful than spells from the Minor Elements, but are also more costly to cast. Choose your element wisely, because casting a spell from one Major Element will lock you out of casting spells from any other element for a very long time.


Dark and powerful, Shadow magic is used by tanks to heal themselves in dungeons, as well as by mages to deal enormous damage-over-time in PVP arenas. Very different from any other magic, Shadow magic does not consume redstone on cast, instead draining it’s user’s life force to fuel its spells.

  • ShadowBall: Sends a shadowy ball at a targeted enemy. Deals more damage for each raised undead under your command.
  • Witherbolt: Fires a wither skull at a target, applying wither and stunning them for a short duration.
  • Agony: Places an agonizing spell on your target, dealing massive damage to them over a short duration.
  • Sacrifice: Sacrifices your health with dark magic to reduce the cooldown of all spells cast by 35% while sacrifice is active.
  • Gnaw: Fires a cloud of revolting gas which damages targets hit, and applies a corrosive shadow magic, dealing damage over time and slowing their attacks.
  • Hex: Fires a stream of dark magic, cursing a struck target with crippling weakness and hunger as well as preventing them from casting healing spells if they are a player for a short time.
  • Drainlife: Simultaneously destroys and reconstructs your living tissues while stealing life from an enemy. If used on one of your raised minions, they will also be healed.
  • Thrall: Summons a weak soul thrall, which will heal you over time while it remains alive. If it stays alive for its full duration, it returns two souls.
  • RaiseUndead: Raises an undead minion to fight for you. Each subsequent cast of raise undead summons a different type of minion up to five casts.
  • Nova(Shadow): Unleashes elemental dark magic to all enemies or players nearby.

Bright and Radiant, Holy magic is based around healing, buffing and protecting your allies, as well as debuffing enemies. Holy mages generally wear Gold, and rely on a tank to absorb aggro while healing from afar. Holy mages consume redstone to cast their spells, ans are rewarded by being healed for a portion of what they heal others for.

  • Prayer: Heals yourself for a few hearts.
  • Chastise: Chastize an enemy target. dealing magic damage. Subsequent casts increases its damage.
  • Hymn: Sing a holy hymn, healing multiple nearby allies.
  • Cleanse: Cleanse negative potion and magic effects from your target.
  • Absorb: Shields yourself from physical damage for a short duration.
  • Redeem: Unleashes a wave of healing light in the direction you are facing, healing all allies it comes in contact with.
  • Divinity: Unleashes your righteous divinity, empowering the next 3 holy based spells you cast substantially.
  • Sanctify: Sanctify the ground, dealing rapid holy magic to targets who stand on the sanctified ground.
  • Punish: Deals damage and restores mana. Casting Punish will reset your Chastise stacks, granting increased damage/mana restoration based on the number of stacks removed.
  • Blessing: Blesses your target with Fortitude, increasing their total health, and Protection, a magical barrier absorbing physical damage for a short duration.
  • Bond: Creates a holy bond with a target player. While bonded, holy spells will heal both yourself and your bonded ally.
  • Nova(Holy): Unleashing elemental holy magic to all nearby enemies or players.

Water spells are for a diverse mage, one who wants to be able to adapt to any situation they are given. Combining the abilities to heal, cleanse, knock enemies away, and output credible damage as well, water mages are probably the most diverse of any mage type. Spells are redstone fueled, and fairly spammable, so pack lots with you.

  • Wave: Send out a wave of water, dealing light damage and knocking enemies back.
  • Bubble: Traget your target in a bubbple, dealing damage over time and forcing them to levitate for a short duratiuon.
  • Gills: Forms gills on your neck, allowing you to breathe underwater for a short duration.
  • EbbAndFlow: Sends out a torrent of healing water, which bounces to nearby injured targets, healing them.
  • Whirlpool: Summons a whirlpool, dragging targets towards its center. Deals increased damage towards the center of the whirlpool.
  • Wellspring: Channel a magical wellspring which randomly seeks out allies and replenishes their mana.
  • Torrent: Send out a torrent of healing water, bouncing to nearby targets and healing them. Each bounce produces additonal riptide.
  • EbbAndFlow: Send out a crashing wave of water, healing allies as it ebbs forward and dealing damage to enemies as it flows back.
  • Rain: Summons a light rainfall, healing all allies that stand under it.
  • Fountain: Summons a fountain of replenishment that heals and cleanses players near to it.
  • Drizzle: Enchant an ally with a drizzle of water, healing them over time and protecting them from fire.
  • WaterGlobe: Conjures a globe of water which will heal any players that walk over it. Globes of water will expire after a medium duration.
  • Nova(Water): Unleashes water elemental magic to all nearby enemies or players.

Violent and explosive, Fire Mages rely on lighting their enemies on fire, and burning them to death. With a full repertoire of spells that deal AOE damage and light enemies on fire, using stealth tactics is very hard against a Mage of this type. You have to be careful with Fire Magic however, or you risk lighting yourself ablaze.

  • Pyroclasm: Conjure a powerful pyroclasm, marking the trageted area with fire, which will erupt after a delay, dealing massife damage to enemies.
  • FlameArmor: A defensive and offensive spell that causes nearby targets to catch fire just by being near you, and is good for finding invisible players.
  • Combust: Combusts the fire on a target and detonates it, dealing massive damage and removing the fire effect. Can only be cast when wearing gold or iron armor.
  • Sear: Tosses a ball of flaming magma, searing the target and dealing damage to all nearby enemies. The higher your heat levels are, the more the cooldown of Sear is reduced.
  • Cauterize: Cauterizes your wounds, cleansing negative potion effects while at the same time dealing a small amount of damage to yourself and giving you a short, regenerative effect.
  • Blaze: Summons a blaze to fight for you.
  • Nova(Fire): Unleashes fire elemental magic to all nearby enemies or players.

Cool and calculating, Ice Mages specialize in Zone control. Every spell they cast is able to impair their enemy’s mobility, and they can deal significant damage as well. What they lack in healing and range, they certainly make up for in Crowd Control. However, if an Ice Mage casts too quickly, they will freeze themselves solid, so they must be wise with their spells.

  • Icicle: Shoots a quick and sharp icicle that pierces targets and does extra damage to slowed enemies.
  • Coldsnap: Immediately resets the cooldowns on all of your Ice spells as well as removing any slow effects.
  • Snowblast: Throws a slow flying snowball that slows, silences, and deals heavy damage to any targets struck. Spell power makes the projectile fly further.
  • Freeze: Sends out a wave of ice, slowing targets to great effect.
  • Icetomb: Encases yourself in a block of ice, protecting you from all physical attacks and spells for 10 seconds, but during that time you cannot attack, move, or cast spells.
  • Shatter: Shatter a slown target with ice, stunning the target, and removing the target’s slow effect.
  • Blizzard: Summons a violent blizzard that roots and slows all nearby targets.
  • Nova(Ice): Unleashes ice elemental magic to all nearby enemies or players.

Minor Elements

The Minor Elements consist of Mystic, Wind, and Earth. They exist not to make a mage powerful, but to support the Major Elements. Try different combinations of Major and Minor elements, and find which suits you best. 


Mystic Spells are the most commonly used spells by Mages. Though they lack real offensive power, Mystic spells have the most variety of uses of any spell type. No matter your play style, the Mystic element has something to fit your needs.

  • Blink: Teleports you a short distance. This spell has a much shorter cooldown when cast wearing full gold armor.
  • Conjure: Conjures some tasteless, but effective magic biscuits which increase your passive mana regeneration while sating your appetite.
  • AstralSpheres:Summon three astral spheres which will swirl around you, expanding over time and dealing damage to any targets they collide with.
  • Barrier: Surround yourself with a mana barrierwhich absorbs all damage recieved for a short duration.
  • Missiles: Fires 4-8 missiles that hone in on your target, dealing direct damage.
  • AstralBeam: Charge up for a brief duration, then fire a beam of energies for a short time that deal damage to anything in its path.

Calm and tranquil, Wind Mages lack any offensive ability whatsoever. But, what they lack in attack, they make up for in their ability to send mobs flying to protect important allies, as well as give brief but powerful buffs to a full team of allies. May the wind guide you on your way.

  • Tornado: Summons a raging tornado that launches anyone or anything in it’s path.
  • Gale: Pushes back all enemies near you with a gale wind.
  • Zephyr: Blows an enemy into the air with a zephyr wind.
  • Hover: Hover in the air a short distance off the ground.
  • Swiftwind: Place the power of the wind at the backs of you and your allies, increasing the affected’s speed.
  • Cyclone: Slices through the air, creating a sharp cyclone, damaging and stunning any enemies in its path.

Gruff and strong, Earth Mages are skilled Miners, Diggers, and Warriors. Earth magic allows them to mine and dig efficiently, and empowers them to not only be able to take a lot of damage, but dish it out as well. Grab a sword, a pick, and a shovel, and let the power of the Earth guide you to victory.

  • Sandblast: Blasts the area in front of you, dealing damage, blinding, purging all potion effects, and leaving a delayed damage effect on all struck targets.
  • Spike: Conjure a barrier of unstable earthen spikes, dealing massive damage to any nearby attackers for a short duration.
  • Earthenpower: Call upon the powers of the earth, giving you a powerful defense, as well as causing attacks with a shovel or fists to deal special earth attacks.
  • Fissure: Creates a earthen fissure in front of you dealing damage and knocking around enemies in it’s path. Consecutive casts of fissure will cause you to rupture the ground dealing even more damage.
  • Earthquake: Causes a violent earthquake at targeted location, dealing damage to all targets that stand in it.
  • Golem: Summons an Iron Golem Smasher from the earth to defend you.

Be sure to type /help spells in-game to learn more about Spells