Welcome to Vox Populi! Want to know more about us before you decide to join? You’re in the right place!

Our servers offer a wide variety of customization, experiences, and challenges:

Prestigious PvE

Fight your way through our twelve unique dungeons, with ranging difficulties. Heed the call of Cavern and face one of many custom bosses head-on. Take to arms as Valeria calls for help to defend against Voltrox, Necrodancer, or Etheria in our weekly Raid Boss event. Summon and conquer the Elemental Ender Dragons that await you and your companions in the End for the ultimate bragging rights – if they don’t get you first!

Thriving Economy

Fighting not your thing? Pick a job and join the ever-growing economy. Blacksmith, Farmer, Fisherman – you name it, you can do it. Using advanced crafting materials, create items specific to your job that are highly sought after by other players. Villagers are also available around the clock to accept your fishing, mining and farming materials in exchange for vouchers, gold, and diamonds.

Intense PvP

Test your might against friend or foe alike within any of our PvP stages. Set up official matches in the Arena or take to the Ruins for free-for-alls. You can also embrace the open world and prey on the unsuspecting players in the wilderness.

Play your own way

Paladins, Berserkers, and Mages oh my! With over 10 unique classes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right one for your own playstyle!

Seasonal Events

Vox Populi offers an extraordinary Event for every occasion featuring fun toys, unique armor, and exciting cosmetics to collect through mini-games and large scale bosses. Lunar New Year, Easter, Halloween – you name it. You’ll have a blast celebrating these with the rest of the Vox community!

Build an Empire

Rise from the bottom starting with your own home. Declare it a town to not only protect your belongings but to allow you to bring in other players as well. Expand your territory, raise buildings and structures, and create a Nation unlike any other.

An experience like no other

Vox Populi is packed full of custom items and skins! There are numerous exotic weapons each with a unique property to collect: Boasting a wide range of adorable mini-pets and fully customizable sentient weapons and armor, we bet you will never be able to collect them all! Make sure you get the full Vox Populi experience by using our fantastic resource pack that’s simply stuffed with personality and cumstom textures for many individual items. Download here:

What do I need to join?

For the best experience on Vox Populi, download and install the latest version of Optifine so you can fully enjoy our custom resource pack which you can find here: We also recommend turning particle effects on to at least minimum for a more immersive experience, especially for our combat systems.

All three of our servers are currently using the 1.12.2 version of Minecraft and can host 100+ players simultaneously. Start your adventure today by connecting one of our servers:

Diamond server –
Emerald server –
Gold server –