Guide To Valeria Beach

Below is a map of Valeria Beach, the main city on our servers. Each key building has been marked, with information about their purposes. We hope this map will help you find your way around Downtown!

Valeria Beach Downtown

Valeria Beach Courthouse

Many issues on Vox Populi are dealt with through the use of our court system by judges elected by the players. Visit the court house to submit your own case for arbitration or to take part in cases for rewards.

Downtown Spawn

When you need to visit 'Downtown', using the /warp downtown command will spawn you here, right in the heart of Valeria Beach.

Latin's Potion Shop of Wonders

Here, you can buy extra long lasting elixirs to make your life on Vox a little easier. With potions ranging from Strength to Fire Resistance and everything in between, you're sure to find something to help you mine, fight or just travel with a bit less to worry about.

Hall of Champions Portal and League of Shadows

Travelling through the portal here will take you to the Hall of Champions, where accomplished PvPers can trade Dreadful Emblems of Valor for weapons, armor, tools and other trinkets to improve their PvP strategies.

Downstairs, you can find the League of Shadows, a team of vendors specialising in the arcane and the underhand to provide spells and weapons allowing you to use stealth rather than force to subdue your opponents.

Gallery of Prestige

If you prefer PvE to PvP, the Gallery of Prestige is an ideal place to visit. Here, you can trade Prestige Tokens for weapons, armor and other goodies to help in your battles against the bosses that inhabit Vox's dungeons and caverns.

Conquest Shop

For those who prefer to customise their items, the Conquest Shop is a must-see. Here, you can trade Conquest Tokens for socket enhancements and other goodies which will help you create your ultimate pick, sword, bow or anything else your mind can imagine (within reason of course).

Global Market

Vox Populi has a thriving economy, of which you can be a part! Through the Global Market (or GM for short) you can buy and sell nearly anything that can be bought or sold. It also serves as a hub for people to meet and a mail centre for players to pick up their items (Mailbox is outside the main door). If you've left your Voxels (Gold) in your Enderchest, you'll find one here so you never need be short on cash for that all important impulse buy!

Epic Item Shop

At the Epic Item Shop, diamonds are traded for Orbs, which can be used to alter your socketed items. You can also trade for Illustrious Enigmas, which give a random epic quality donor item (items which can be purchased through the e-store), or Mirror Jewels, which can be used to duplicate nearly any weapon, tool or armor. If your favourite is getting a little worse for wear, you can also repair it using the gold block here, without risk of losing enchantments.

Witch Hunter's Guild

Vox Populi is populated by more than just humans. For the most part, Werewolves and Vampires coexist peacefully with our non-supernatural inhabitants, but should you find yourself battling them, a trip to the Witch Hunter's Guild is a wise choice. The Guild stocks a variety of goods both created from Werewolf Hides and aimed at thwarting the Undead and Clawed. Be warned, though, not every supernatural is dispatched as easily as you might think.

Archaeology Guild

While the land has stood well over time, past inhabitants have left behind their share of treasure. The Archaeology Guild aims to gather and preserve these relics of our history, and will pay you handsomely for them. You may find something as simple as a broken cup, or as valuable as a blueprint left behind by one of their great minds. Whichever it is, someone here will buy it, or give you something even more special in return.

The Pet Shop

Running low on livestock? Have some Royales and want a little pet to follow you around? Visit the Pet Shop and you can stock your farm with spawn eggs or even adopt your own pet to 'tail' you around the server. From a miniature Villager to your very own land-squid, the choices are vast!

Advanced Arrows

Here on Vox Populi, we take archery seriously, and as such we provide many options for your arrow needs. Here you can buy tomes which give you the ability to use many types of magical arrows, such as 'Volley', which summons a multitude of arrows toward your target, and 'Net', which spawns webs around your target, slowing their advance and giving you precious time to advance or retreat.

Valeria Bank

If you're a little more cautious than to keep your money under your bed, but don't like to use an Enderchest, the Valeria Bank has you covered. Here, you can store your money (and other valuables) safe behind lock and PIN. Unlike most banks, this one is open 24/7, and even on Christmas Day.

Order of Knights

Any aspiring warrior needs to know their craft, and a visit to the Order of Knights can help you hone it. With gear and tomes to teach you new abilities and skills, you can truly create your own fighting style here and know that you're following in the footsteps of a long and valiant order.

Valeria Beach Export Co.

You didn't think Valeria Beach was the only city in the world, did you? It may be the capital, but it's also the central hub for a vast trade network that spreads throughout the land. Many of our generous citizens trade their goods to the Export Company in return for vouchers which they can use to purchase other goods such as diamonds, Conquest Tokens or, if they should be in need of something more basic, money. Their motto is "If you can sell it, we can send it, guaranteed!"

Royal Gallery

Here in Valeria Beach, we pride ourselves on the skill of our builders. So much so, in fact, that we happily sell schematics to their most popular creations! Here at the Royal Gallery, you can purchase schematics to create a variety of buildings designed by our master architects. Ranging from walls to shipwrecks, the choice is far more vast than you may expect, and before long, you'll be wanting to build them all.

Valeria Cafe

No city is complete without a cafe, and Valeria Beach is no exception. With a wide variety of decadent treats such as tiramisu and smoked duck, you're sure to find something to tickle your tastebuds while wandering the streets of our bustling capital.

The Library

Valeria Beach has a rich and varied history, and who better to tell it than our Loremaster? Trade him Time Lost Cryptographs to add to your collection of Lore Books devoted to telling the stories of our ancestors, or you could simply drop by and use the enchantment table upstairs (we're sure he won't mind).

Master Angler

Vox Populi is awash with magic, and some of it seems to have seeped into the very water. As a result, several types of fish can be found solely in our world, and the Master Angler loves to collect them. He'll gladly trade you diamonds, gold and other goodies for various types of special fish you can find throughout our realm.