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    Building Links {Suggestoion} [Resource Compacter was also a suggestion]

    It's purpose is to link builds onto the resource Compacter, like you could connect the resource builds like gemstone quarry, iron/coal quarry, redstone qarry onto it, from all sides.

    So the way it works is that whenever you mined resources from any of the corresponding quarries, the resources in your inventory will directly teleport to the Compacter and turn them to blocks, as long as there's a link from the build tot he compacter.

    It should at least use 10 Power to make one... yeah, that should be good enough.

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    Hm... While I like the idea I would be concerned about the strain it could put on the servers. Some towns have multiples of the quarries and as we have seen they drop a LOT of items. So having say a redstone quarry, 2 Gem Quarries, and a Quartz Quarry could easily be about 6 DCs of COMPRESSED blocks. You can do the math on how many entities that is before compression. That's a lot for one build to gather.

    How about instead of a build that "connects" the quarries (lord knows I'm sure it won't be the prettiest looking connectors *imagines pipes and crings*) we just add a collect command? This would be like the Yards and Silo were it'll auto collect from your inv into the build. The perk to this is it wouldn't just be the quarries that benefit from it but standard mining as well. Could put the resource and power requirements to match the Yards (15 power so not much more than originally proposed).

    Either way I like the idea of a collector and compressor for the quarries.

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    yuss, the lazy man's way to do things. hahahah!

    Seriously though, a Collecter Command that avails to you once you finished the build. That's a good idea there.

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    The quarry collection yard sounds like a great idea to me!

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