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    BIG update since the last one, added with a couple Vox-themed drawings of our servers ouo

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    Meet Emerald, the 2nd of the Vox Sisters.

    She is a rebellious young woman, not willing to be like her prim-and-proper older sister Dia. Mischievous in her ways, she'll find ways to turn things to her favor. She seems to have a very cold aura about her towards strangers and acquaintances, however underneath that facade, she shows a softer, compassionate side to her personaility.

    Even though she's not one to be like Dia, she welcomes advice and combat training from her elder sister. Don't underestimate her in battle; she tends to strike fast, and will use any means to achieve victory.

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    Meet Goldie, the youngest of the Vox Sisters.

    Unlike her two older sisters, she's hyperactive. She's ready to experience the world around her, learning the ways of Valeria Beach, the do's and don't's of it. She may not share Emmy's rebellious attitude, but Goldie may show her defiance by "skipping her bedtime." However, she later learns, especially after some scolding by Dia and Emmy, the consequences of not getting proper rest.

    Goldie isn't one for holding swords and shields; she leaves that to her sisters. To compensate, her knowledge of the mystical arts proves to be her strongest point, providing healing, offensive, and defensive support. To underestimate her would be anyone's downfall.

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    Meet Dia, the oldest of the Vox Sisters.

    Dia is the most experienced out of the three when it comes to Valeria Beach and everything that surrounds it. Over the years, after many experiences and experiments, good and bad, Dia has practiced and mastered much of the world. In turn, the knowledge she gained she imparts to her younger siblings. She's grateful to not be an only child; things for a time would get lonely. Although she's made many friends, both great and awesome, sometimes they were never around when she needed them most. Thankfully, the higher powers of Valeria Beach recognized this and sent to her both Emmy and Goldie, and Dia has never been happier. Even when her sisters bicker and fight between one another (Dia always played referee in these scuffles), she wouldn't regret it one bit.

    Being the oldest with the most experience in combat, Dia prefers to support her sisters by taking most of the damage for them, and in turn, they repay her act by downing their foes quickly. That doesn't mean she won't deal damage of her own. Fight her at your own peril.

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