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    Two instances of account on server?

    I recently joined the server a few days ago and everything was working great. Then I try to get on the next day but joined right as the server was resetting. I immediately joined again and thought I had to start over (as I was back at spawn with no class or items). I thought that was just part of the server reset and was only a bit upset. So I play and build a house and log out. After about an hour I log back in to see my 1st house and all the items I had before! Now I am stuck on the 2nd account and would like to see if I can merge them, or if not just play on my 1st one without having to do a gamble on which account I am going to play as.

    Thank you for your time.

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    The three servers are linked via bungeecord, so when you try to connect to a server that is not up it will attempt to move you to the next. You can also use the command /server diamond (or emerald/gold) to move between servers.

    It sounds like this is what happened. You can continue your play on any of the three servers you feel comfortable with. The IP's are:

    Good luck!

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