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Thread: Ban Appeal

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    Ban Appeal

    1) What is your minecraft account name? (If you have changed your name please put the name you were banned on as well as your current name.)
    2) When were you banned?
    3) Which server were you banned on?
    4) Why were you banned? (Please do not go into detail about how an exploit was done.)
    TP Killing
    5) Who was involved in your ban?
    Genevi (Current client says unknown)
    6) Additional Information

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    Hello Soul ^^ You currently have three warnings for grief and each involved either rude signs, tp killing, and looting. With this information as you did not just grief and loot, you went out of your way to be rude and somewhat malicious in your intent, and your last appeal was denied, this appeal will as well be denied. You can make a new account since your ban was a toxic one, but this appeal is denied.

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