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    Miner's ability to ecraft 2x Coke

    I mean it doesn't make any sense, it's lvl 5 to craft just 1x Coke but crafting 2x is just one heck of a leap to 165.
    I've mined for helluva hard just to get to where my job level at without any boost. just the help of my trusty pickaxe and my power pick.

    I'm just suggesting lowering the level requirement for making 2x ecraft Coke to 125, that's all i could ask for, I know many will agree as well.
    If that's not enough of a reason, just increase the mana crystal requirement for 2x coke from 5 MC's to 7-8 MCs

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    A handful of things:
    1) 165 seems to be high, yes, but it also might be the halfway point in terms of exp (I need to check in on that)
    2) You only receive one coke across the board, but the higher numbers correlating with the higher job levels will give a higher % chance of you crafting sucessfully.

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