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Thread: Ban Appeal

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    Ban Appeal

    1) What is your minecraft account name? (If you have changed your name please put the name you were banned on as well as your current name.)
    2) When were you banned?
    3) Which server were you banned on?
    4) Why were you banned? (Please do not go into detail about how an exploit was done.)
    -Using an X Ray Texture Pack.
    5) Who was involved in your ban?
    -Just myself.
    6) Additional information:
    I am the original owner of the Minecraft account mentioned, and i do sincerely apologize as my brother had apparently logged on to my account without my permission, and using said exploit to regretfully cheat on your server.

    Regardless of how short my time was on the server, the few friends that i have been playing with here have accumulated a huge amount of progress and just outright moving because of this blunder would be a hassle, all because of the actions of a child. treat him as such.

    Please do heavily reconsider my situation.
    I will be sure to keep my brother away from the account, and deal with him accordingly.

    Thank you and regards.

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    You are responsible for your account. It does not matter who is present behind the screen and the account. Itís the account that is banned regardless if the original owner gave them permission or not. This appeal will not be granted.

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