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    Patch Notes for February 2019


    - Added help command for voxbox 55.

    - Started sweeping balance changes on experience, income, and point returns for all jobs. In general, experience
    values will be highly increased, and other returns will be more consistent. Expect these changes to go live over the
    next few weeks.

    - Fixed an issue with some fitted sockets sold by Karn which made them unusable.

    - Updated /help vampires

    - Updated HelperBot's vampire cure. Now with less gluten.

    - Fixed those musty bard spells. They now accurately read "Musical"

    - Increased damage of Shadow Nova.

    - Reduced the amount of damage Gnaw does in arena

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    - It is now be possible to discover item crates up to January 2019. Enjoy.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    - We have enabled Emojichat along with a small resource pack update! If you update your Vox resource pack
    to version 2.1.2, you will be able to see emojis. Emojis are usable by donors only.

    - Also added is the ability for mayors to sponsor their town. Type /sponsor to see view the sponsored towns GUI.
    Mayors can pay 2000 voxels to sponsor their town for 48 hours. New players will be encouraged to visit a new
    Town Recruiter npc which will display sponsored towns to them.

    - Rare Vault of Fate boxes now roll 8 Envelopes instead of 1, for luck.

    - Replaced the potion requirement for Brushing Lacquer with the the ingredients needed to craft the
    potion instead. This will be replaced with the potion when the plugin is properly updated.

    - Increased the base loot rewards for the Mazoku King boss. You should receive a lot more gold, diamonds
    and conquest tokens per-kill.

    - Fixed an issue where the Eye of Valeria marriage gem was unusable.

    - Fixed an issue wherein the day 13 rewards of the Lunar Daily Bonus sometimes showed more rewards
    than was intended. Oops lol.

    - Added a setbonus to the Salty set, found in Old Treasure Caches

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~


    - Dynmap commands now function properly.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~


    - Unidentified items will now almost always be the same material as displayed before identifying.

    - Fixed an issue where randomized items were not the correct material for their tier.

    - Randomized items now roll frozen sockets based on tier.

    - Randomized items now roll with socket attributes based on tier.

    - Randomized items will more likely be at full durability.

    - Crafting recipes now allow you to page through other crafts within the same category.

    - Reintroduced mana potions to /ecraft with rebalanced recipes.

    - Brushing Lacquers are craftable again in /ecraft.

    - Added Jobs experience payment to jobs-specific recipes in /ecraft.

    - Updated the e-craft recipe for Brushing Lacquer.

    - Changed requirements of "Enchant Papers" in /ecraft to require exp points rather than levels.

    - Fixed soul emeralds so that they use the appropriate amount of exp. Existing soul emeralds should still be functional.

    - Added bulk soul emerald crafting in /ecraft. Removed the crafting method of punching enchanting tables.

    - Fixed an issue preventing Iron and Stone Axes from being used with glamours.

    - Greatly increased the spawn rate and spawn qualities of animals in the wilderness.

    - Increased the spawn rate and spawn qualities of monsters in the wilderness.

    - Fixed an issue that prevented the Glistening Perception socket from being applicable to items.

    - Increased voxel payout for the 1 hour playtime /prewards bonus to 150 Voxels (Up from 20).

    - Lore across all cured leather items is now consistent.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~


    - Reduced the damage and aggressiveness of stab abilities used by dungeon bosses.

    - Added bulk crafting for orbs in /ecraft.

    - Added bulk crafting for towny materials in /ecraft.

    - Replaced uncraftable potions with water buckets in /ecraft for synth leather and slime.

    - Reduced the health cost of several shadow spells.

    - Raised Undead Bonebreakers now utilize a few abilities, including more ranged attacks, as well as slowing targets.

    - Increased base loot for easy dungeons.

    - Many uncommon dungeon items are now Bind on Command instead of Bind on Pickup
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