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    Diamond Rejoining the server?

    So I just got the news that my ban appeal was not granted, I totally understand and respect that. I wanted to know if I buy a new minecraft account will I be allowed back on? (Im under the impression that I can but I wanted to make sure). Because honestly I don't even have a reason to own minecraft if I'm not on this server, its the only place I spend my time and money and I'll buy the game again, re buy my ranks, and everything if I'm allowed back on. Someone just please let me know whether or not that's correct that I can do that.

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    you'll be fine with a new account, just be sure to be careful this time and a piece of advice about and if being really toxic will never let you get back to the server no matter how many accounts you'll have.

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    I ended up getting banned for warnings, I've never been in trouble for being toxic so I'm safe regarding that. Hopefully I'll be back on really soon then, thanks!

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