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    The Infamous 3rd Job Slot- Ecraft Addition

    So the title says it all

    Too long/Don't wanna read = Get a 3rd jobs slot from /ecraft in game. Must be crafted from the epic materials gained by multiple people super high in job levels.

    Okay sure, let's read the details =

    Right now, most jobs are able to craft Epic (purple) items in /ecraft, the highest tier stuff. There are materials that are unobtainable from the jobs or perception (like dragon drops), and those items are not included in the following discussion.

    In order to obtain the highest tier item, typically a person must master the job (obtain a high level, like 150+). What I propose is to incorporate these items into building a jobs slot, needing some from everyone. After a person reaches level 150 in their job, they'l'l be able to craft such pieces listed below. These pieces would be taken to any player whose combined jobs level is greater than 300 who will then be able to take multiple of each item and combine them into the desired 3rd Job Slot.

    Example >
    I want a 3rd Job Slot. I'm level 185 Miner, and 120 Armorer. In order to obtain the slot, I need 12 (maybe more) of each Epic tier item able to be crafted in /ecraft from all jobs possibly in addition to other outside resources. I might need:

    -Tallow x32
    -Blazing Coke x32
    -Mana Crystal x64
    -Jobs Shop Points Crystal (new item made, like a soul emerald that would deduct points from your /jobs points? if you can't do it automatically, like 5k points or something, idk)
    -Thunderstruck Rod
    -Polished Rose Gold Nugget
    -Igneous Whetstone
    -Pure Fish Glue
    -Flax Rope
    -Rendered Prime Animal Fat
    -Cured Prime Leather
    -Acratium Ingot
    -Jobs Book (new item made for enchanter job, required 150 levels to craft in addition to Unbreaking VII script, and various other items/glamour prism, etc)

    I gather the Gold Nugget, coke, and mana crystals from my own job (Miner), buy a points crystal in jobs shop, then go to other players for jobs materials that are still needed above. After obtaining the needed items, I take them all to someone with a combined level over 300 (I can do it, with my example levels), and wallah I now have a 3rd jobs slot. Which is listed to be "crafted by: crafter" and bind on command.
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    What if we had 5 jobs, orz

    So, considering all of the information I had listed in the above suggestion, let's scrap it and open our minds up for a different idea: what if we had 5 jobs? Not 3.

    BOOM attention getter, 5 jobs right? *mouth waters*

    In the continuation of this suggestion below, we'll assume that the current jobs format is kept: you can have any 2 jobs of choice, leave/join as you wish with the appropriate loss in experience. With this idea, we'll hold on to that idea and grow 3 more slots out from it, with a slight twist. These additional 3 jobs (added via book, explained below) will be permanent and unable to be left. The first 2 jobs as always are still free will, but once you join another, it sticks with you.

    The book, the method of adding the job slot, would be something singular and unique. This item would be crafted by a high level jobs master (level 100) using items from their own ecraft creations, or other worldly items. Imagine a book called "Jobs Guide - Miner" crafted by a 100 Miner using coke, nuggets, gold nuggets, etc. This Guide would allow anyone who used it to permanently join the Miner job as their 3rd job. The player would not be able to leave this job like they would the first 2 of choice (optionally: it could be impossible entirely, or they could leave it but lose 100% of the skills as well as the job slot and go back down to 2 slots of choice).

    For a twist, because everyone loves playing Twister, these 3 permanent jobs could be level capped at 100 levels, similar to the 2 optional jobs being level capped at 200. In order to increase the level cap from 100, you would need to revisit a Miner to craft you a Training book that can increase the level cap by 10. The "Jobs Training - Miner" would have lore saying it would increase your Miner job cap from level 100 to 110. In order for the Training book to be crafted at all, the Miner to craft it must have the desired level (ie, if you want to increase your level cap from 110 to 120, the Miner you choose must have higher than 120 levels in the Miner job).
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    I really like the initial idea in this thread to get a third job slot through /ecraft!

    However I don't really see the point with allowing 5 jobs, even with a lowered cap, when the total number of jobs is 15. Imagine...each player has 5 jobs, technically you only need 3 people to cover all 15 jobs. That decreases the whole idea of teamwork for /ecraft recipes. Yes, 3 is a crowd, but proportionally it is a very small fraction of the server population.
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    I like the idea of the 3rd job slot. The Rule of Three

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    I like the idea of a 3rd job. I'm a digger and a baker, and my main source of getting baker income is farming pumpkins and making pumpkin pie. It'd be cool to add farmer to my jobs so I get paid for harvesting the pumpkins as well as crafting the pies out of them
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