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    Ma2rks' Ban Appeal

    1. My name is Ma2rks

    2. About 2015

    3. Diamond

    4. I was banned for malicious griefing an unclaimed building in the wilderness, 100's of blocks from any spawn of community.

    5. My friend Jordansshadow

    6. We were very new to a town we had just been accepted to and went into the wilderness for materials. After warping to a random spot, we came upon a house that seemed vacant and unclaimed. Considering we were lacking materials and the house had absolutely no verification of it being owned, we harvested it for our own resources. I went on one day to find that we had been banned without warning for simply breaking a structure in the wilderness just because the owner had failed to verify that it was theirs and put in a town where damage can not be done. I have donated in the past and played almost every day, I look forward to hearing a reply. Thank you for your time

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    I will grant this appeal. If you get banned again, you won't get another chance.

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