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    Patch Notes for December 2018

    December 1, 2018

    - The Conquest Shop now sells orbs at a greatly reduced price.

    - The toolmaker job now receives job rewards for crafting flint and steel, buckets, and shears.

    - Reduced the lifetime of ebbandflows 'flow' projectile

    - Reduced the damage of the ebbandflow spell.

    - Matched the /jobs shop description of the Fitted Hunter Sockets to the actual sockets received.

    - Rain, Fountain and Heroism leap reset cooldown when entering arena as intended now.

    - Rain no longer summons a cauldron in PvP.

    - Fixed an issue that prevented some Legendary items from activating soul rip.

    - Custom server recipes are now useable as vanilla items through ecraft.

    - Added an experimental anti-knockback feature to all cavern bosses.

    - Gold weapons no longer roll brawn or cunning.

    - The Blackholme Scientist no longer decides to take a lava bath.

    - Vamira now drains experience as intended.

    - Fixed several fitted sockets to have matching colored names and socket effect.

    - Earthenpower now only works in melee range as intended.

    - Shields can no longer roll Cunning.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    - The Tinkerer job is now able to craft many socketing orbs.

    - The recipe for Steel Nuggets has been changed to require 1 coke, down from 4.

    - Fixed an issue that caused Glutton to despawn too early.

    - Fountain and Rain are now properly silenced by Hex in Pvp areas.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    - Xmas is here! Happy Holidays! The portal to the Isle of Winter is open once again! Visit the Isle,
    talk with the residents, and hunt for presents! Type /help xmas for more information and enjoy!

    - This Xmas, Mrs. Claus will be baking for the World's Warmth in, she might even share her festive
    spices. She's also giving gifts away early in exchange for Xmas materials.

    - Added Forging to Advanced Crafting. Forge armor, weapons, tools and items in these categories
    can be crafted by anyone, regardless of job level.

    - Elemental dragons will now drop all new dragon crafting materials. These new materials are used
    for Advanced Crafting Forge recipes. Type "/help dragon" to read the specifics on how to earn these
    new materials.

    - The Wyrm Buster is the first Mythic weapon available via Forging. Check it out in the new Weapon
    Forging category of the Advanced Crafting (/ecraft) window.

    - Baker, Tinkerer, Enchanter and Farmer each have new Seasonal Recipes, only available to craft
    during the Xmas event. Type "/help seasonalrecipes" for more info.

    - Tier 3 gathering tools are now craftable by toolmakers. If you have it in you, it is now possible to
    craft tier 3 gathering tools, which allows you to collect tier 3 materials, the highest available.

    - Flux materials are now available in the jobs shop, as intended. These are used by armorers and
    weaponsmiths to craft metals.

    - Added helper files for Voxboxes 52 and 53

    - The materials needed to craft Steel Ingots has been greatly reduced.

    - Fixed an issue where the Steel Ingot Advanced Crafting recipe appeared as a rare material, instead
    of Uncommon as intended.

    - Added a way for you to convert your "Rare" quality Steel Ingots with the new "Uncommon" quality
    rare ingots via a crafting recipe in the Misc section.

    - Coke no longer has a failure chance.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    - Reduced the amount of invisible checkpoints needed to do a lap for Icy Boat Racing in an effort to
    reduce the chance that a lap is not counted.

    - Increased the size of invisible checkpoints for Icy Boat Racing.

    - Fixed an issue where the final message of the Icy Boat Race was so large it expanded off-screen.

    - Drastically reworked merit tiers for Elemental Dragons. This should result in much shorter (but still
    very challenging) dragon fights. Read the details via /help dragon.

    - As a part of the aforementioned merit rework for Elemental Dragons, there will not be bonus dragon
    materials loot tiers beyond the max.

    - The Coke output from miner job has been increased.

    - Hallowed Specter set bonus properly activates now.

    - Sturdy functions properly again.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~


    - Skilled tool diagrams are now for sale in the jobs shop as intended.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~


    - It should now be possible for fishermen to craft fish oil.

    - Fixed an issue where bosses like Globstrocity would spawn with the incorrect amount of health.

    - Fixed an issue that caused the carpet spell to have arbitrary height restrictions.

    - Fixed a problem causing gnaw to hit more times than intended.

    - Reigned in the experience level cost for creating enchant scripts. Each script will now cost the
    equivalent level of experience, Unbreaking I will cost 1 level, Unbreaking II will cost 2 levels, etc.

    - Dragon loot will now only scale up to 10,000 merit.

    - Fixed an issue causing Sadisto to close his doors before engaging in combat.

    - Fixed a problem causing Sadisto to teleport to players regardless of their location.

    - Reworked the Comet Dragoneye.

    - Made significant scaling changes to the Chastise and Punish spells.

    - Increased payout for bakers on golden apples.

    - Various sword based gathering tools now also require whetstones (produced by a digger) as a part
    of their crafting recipe.

    - Fixed an issue where certain fish were dropping without the correct enchantment tags.

    - Fixed an issue wherein the epic gathering tool recipes referenced incorrect versions of Efficiency III scripts.
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