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    Diamond Selling Voxbox Items

    Selling the following Voxbox Items:

    Edit: Full list now found here:

    Suits - Cow, Wolf, Endermite, Cat, Blaze, Llama, Polar Bear
    The Orb of Suggestion
    Slimy Putty
    Rubber Rabbit
    Broken Wand x2
    Polymorphic Wand - Slime, Zombie, Spider
    Noise Maker - Bear, Villager, Cow, Witch, Guardian, Vindicator, Meow, Parrot, Llama, Horse, Shulker
    Noisy Shoes
    Cerebral Corundum
    Strand of Remembrance
    Writers Block
    Stress Ball
    Disco Sheep Bomb
    Wind-up Nutcracker
    Enshrouding Dust
    Servants Bell
    Rubber Chicken
    Beating Ghast Heart
    Mind Crystal
    The Slapstick
    Cryomancer’s Wand
    Musica Infinitum - Chirp, Blocks, Cat,
    The Potato of Death
    The Dud Spud
    The Smelltato
    Potato of Indignity
    The Potato of Ill Will x3
    The Deafening Spud x3
    Bouncing Slime Ball
    Arcane Snow Golem Nose
    Vortex Crystals
    Green Music Box - 02
    Slash ‘em Clash ‘em Knights
    Mr. Bones’ Bone
    Frostseer’s Orb
    The White Rabbits Clock x3
    Forbidden Tomb: Vex
    Ornate Music Box - 01
    White Music Box - 01
    Red Music Box - 01
    Reverse Spotlight
    Trick Wand - TNT
    Sneaky Shank
    Rattling Bone x2
    Santa’s Sleigh Bell
    Deathly Vision - Serrana
    Decoy Bomb x4
    Spirit of Winter’s Chill x56
    Green Music Box - 06
    Red Music Box - 10 x2
    The Paddle
    Latin’s Witchy Wand
    Lucky Valerian Coin
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