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    Pokemon team Experiment

    For a small experiment i asked the 3 other members of my household, my mom 51, my dad 61, and my grandma 71 to make a team of 6 pokemon from the pokemon i had (i do not have all, but i have a lot.) I encourage if you have family that are not much into pokemon to make a team of 6 no matter what evolution, level, or type. Just let them choose. Do they choose cute pokemon like my mom, just choose random pokemon so you dont have to do it anymore like my grandma, or look for tough, cool, mean looking pokemon like my dad, or maybe they will find all Pikachu.

    Also i want to know what team you would choose if you had to pick one of the three teams my family made.
    For fairness i am going to level some up from the original choice, but what team would you rather use.
    Team 1 Mom:
    Magby (evolved to Magmorter) type: Fire
    Pikachu (with light ball) type: Electric
    Timburr (evolved to Conkeldurr) type: Fighting
    Hariyama type: Fighting
    Snivy (evolved to Serperior) type: Grass
    Magcargo type: Fire Rock
    Team 2 Grandma:
    Litten (evolved to Incineroar) type: Fire Dark
    Persian type: Dark
    Slowbro type: Water Psychic
    Shellos (evolved to Gastrodon) type: Water Ground
    Slowpoke (evolved to slowking) type: Water Psychic
    Toucannon type: Normal Flying
    Team 3 Dad
    Noivern type: Flying Dragon
    Drapion type: Poison Dark
    Alakazam type: Psychic
    Braviary type: Normal Flying
    Confagrigus type: Ghost
    Guzzlord type: Dark Dragon
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