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    Cool Unable to acess my home after long MC break. Town owner nowhere to be found.

    Over the past few years I've taken many breaks from Minecraft and all, but now I'm back again/for good, and when I logged in I saw that my house was taken from me and that I have no permissions to it. Whenever I break a block to access my chests it says I'm not a part of the town.
    The Towns name is Reften (Hamlet), I made the house and put all of my valuables (some paid items and gold) in chests that are now blocked off. I tried to send the town owner a message months ago but they either have not seen it, did not act upon it, or have gone offline for good as well.
    I don't care about the house or the plot, but I would like all of my valuables and all my items. When I did /cinfo it said that the blocks were unregistered, I hope this means all of my items were not given to someone else without my consent/knowing.


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    I hate to inform you that after a 3 month or longer absence mayors are allowed to clear the plots then keep the players items for a few more months in storage case they return. After that the town keeps the items.
    If the town fell and after all town members are deemed inactive for 3 months, a player that happens upon the town can put in a court claim and claim the fallen town and thus everything in the town.
    If you were gone for a very long time which it sounds like you were, chances are you are going to have to start over =(. If your house is still standing and your chests are there maybe the mayor would work with you.
    On a side note you can do /res playername to see when they were last online. On the off chance they are storing your items (would not hold my breath since it sounds like you were gone several months) you can try to do /t townname and see if there were any assistants or even contact another town member to see if they know any info on the mayor etc. Good luck. Sorry =(

    If it was on Diamond I can dig up some items to help get you started again or something.

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    Thanks for the swift response. That policy really messes up people but I see why it's in place. It is on the Diamond server and if you can dig up anything that would be amazing, just let me know when you might be on next or sometime.

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