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    Can only get on Diamond

    I have been trying to get the updates right. It will allow me on Diamond but not Gold or Emmy. So I'm not sure what is wrong and why it would allow me on the one but not all three if something isn't right yet. I have the default on the bottom, PureBDCraft 128x MC112, and A+Vox 128 x MC1.12.0 (1.9.3) on top. Please help!

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    It depends on what its saying when you log in, is it failing to connect or failing to load terrain? depending on your comps capabilities I suggest going down to 64x instead, also you need to download optifine. I also suggest going into your options and changing your rendering distance down to 6-8. it might load things in better for you with these settings instead. even with my computer being awesome my internet isnt anything better, so it gets jammed up a lot, but preforms really well on these settings. although rarely i get the problem of not having sound when i load in to fix it if you get the same problem use F3 + T it will kinda freeze but let it sit and it will debug everything.

    also make sure your resource pack is in the right order. everything that goes on top over rides whats on the bottom so the first one should be A+ pack and under it any texture pack you want to use. also to make it more immersive i recommend getting the damage item pack from bdcrafts site that would just go over the A+ pack.

    for optifine just go to ( and click the download button for OptiFine 1.12 HD U C4. it will direct you through things but in the top right corner click skip ad when you can, then just click the download jar. make sure to double check the download bar it will ask if you want to keep it, say yes and then proceed as instructed.

    If you want to change anything later on that's up to you. I hope this helps and have a great time on the server.

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    It says Paper 1.12 for the other two. Doesn't make any sense to me

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    Your minecraft version is the wrong one I believe. On Wednesday, the latest version updated to 1.12.1, and Vox is set up for 1.12. Why you can only log onto diamond I am not sure, they are probably testing a compatibility thing before bringing it to emerald and gold.

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    Can only get on Diamond

    not sure how but i ed up my name when i signed up and its at 85 rather than 84. so can i get it switched to shabadu84 or am i doomed to live the life of an im-poster? get it? ok, ill see myself out...

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