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    Emerald court secretary signup

    Alright I'm creating this so if you would like to be a secretary you can apply/tell us here. Just include you ign, time zone, and how often your on.
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    Niahcra's Secretary signup

    ign: Niahcra
    Timezone: GMT
    How often online: Either everyday or every other day.

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    New Alexandria, Montana
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    ign: Messorrem
    Timezone: GMT
    How often online: Usually every day.
    AKA: Messorrem

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    IGN: Shivani
    Timezone: Standard Mountain Time(NM)
    How often online: Usually every day

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    IGN: l0lbandit
    Timezone: EST
    How often online: Trying to be on everyday now.
    Hoolia c:

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    IGN: Pluvieux
    Timezone: Pacific Time
    How Often Online: Usually everyday or every other day now that im coming on more again.

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    IGN: BasaraBai
    Timezone : EST
    How often online: Usually everyday.

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    IGN : Epicgamer132
    Time zone: EST
    how often online: every day

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    Sep 2015
    new york state
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    Time zone:EST
    How often online: every day and sometimes before work and after work. Already chosen sec by Fossilface

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    IGN : Teisei_Pro
    Time zone: CST
    How often online: Every day

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