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by Shivani_Snow on 02-09-2018 at 01:39 PM
Since i promised i would make an update to a few people before i left.

I'll break it down by mentioning a few things since some things were common knowledge before I left though there have been updates on them.

currently I'm loving my new job as an educational assistant. I feel that its not a dead end job and that i'm really helping the students i meet to be there very best and also helping them excel in school. Since i have worked at a few locations, its clear that

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My time on vox is over

by Shivani_Snow on 01-07-2018 at 01:17 PM
as the title states I am leaving vox. I'm finalizing my last deal with a wonderful person and will soon go afterwards.

My time on vox has taught me so much about myself and others. So I will break things down a bit so i dont go into a to long of a rant.

The community: both wonderful on the outside, but can be very toxic on the inside and heaven forbide you point this out like some do, me being one now. I say this because no matter where you go and whom you meet in

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Job hunting update

by Shivani_Snow on 05-25-2017 at 12:31 PM
As much of you all know im a struggling adult trying to adult in the harsh world and have been job hunting for years on end, but today I FINALLY GOT A JOB INTERVIEW!!!!

Thankfully despite the hic up with my phone i was able to secure a job interview with subway at 2pm. wish me loads of luck and hopefully i come back with great news X3

*does the job ritual dance while chanting to rock the interview*

<(^w^<) <(^w^)> (>^w^)>

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by Shivani_Snow on 03-04-2017 at 12:48 PM
Hello everyone!

As most of you all know I have a wonderful little boy and soccer season is back up.

Today is his first game of spring, so let's all wish him and his team on.


Le Artwork

by Shivani_Snow on 03-01-2017 at 03:13 PM
As most of you know I like to do many forms of artwork and since Asriel has become an admin for Furry Archives on Facebook. I figured its about time I come out of my shell too and start sharing more of my work with people instead of just little tid bits.

My username is Shivani-Snow on DeviantArt and if any of you are interested in looking me up please poke around and let me know if you liked something or just have tips for me to help me improve my skills in the comments. I have gotten

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