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Oracle Fox

Where have I been?

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As you all know, I haven't been on the server or the forum page for around 2-4 months. I have been joining the server for a very short period of time then leaving for long hiatuses.
Here's what I've been doing on in my life.
Since I've been gone for a long time, I don't ever have the time to join the server, I was looking for places to work in my town, and I did before January. I work at my local Staple by a mall. I don't ever have time on the weekends to join and play the events that I enjoy.
And college takes up so much of my free time on weekdays, I have a lot of homework in Anthropology, Western History and Blueprint reading. Both day and night classes take up so much of my time.
When I do have the rare occurrence of free time, I will try to be on the server when I can so,
1. I don't lose my town.
2. To pay the upkeep to not lose my town.
3. Somewhat for the daily bonus.
4. To let people know that I'm still alive.
Yes, I know I am in the Discord, but I am always busy on other servers trying to make sure that they are up and appropriate. It's hard to keep track of being online when I have other things in the way.
To shorten things up, I'm just trying to say that I'll try to be more active, but keep my work and college the top priority.
~Nick (Mr. Oracle/SergeantSergal)
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