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Fire Mage | Vox Populi

Fire Mage

Fire mages fling potent streams of fire wherever they wish, capable of dealing high amounts of damage to many targets in a short time. Their reckless wielding of magic generates heat, which often causes them to burst into flames, to which they pay no mind.

Armor Type:

  • Gold Armor

Main Weapons:

  • Stick/Book/Staff/Gold Sword

Off-hand Weapon:

  • Stick/Book/Staff/Gold Sword

Desired Socket Attributes:

  • Fire Power – Increases the potency of your fire spells
  • Spell Power – Increases the potency of all your spells.
  • Fire Celerity – Reduces the cooldown of your fire spells
  • Defense – Chance to protect yourself after taking damage.

Fire Spells

Fire mages can utilize the following spells: Fireball, FlameArmor, Combust, Nova, Cauterize, Blaze, Sear, Pyroclasm.

Fireball: Throw a small fiery ball, damaging and igniting a single target. At high heat levels, fireball will also split into homing fireballs. – A fire mage’s primiary attack, this shoots a small fireball projectile that deals light armor ignoring damage, on a very low cooldown. Fireball generates a small amount of heat, which means that landing fireballs is key to becoming a good fire mage, and consistently landing fireballs does huge damage. Use this spell often to generate heat and deal damage.

Combust: Combust the fire on an enemy target and detonate it dealing massive damage, removing the fire effect and greatly increasing your heat. – Combust does high armor ignoring damage to a single target instantly generating a large amount of heat when cast. Use combust as often as possible, as the high heat generation will empower your other fire spells.

Sear: Toss a ball of flaming magma, searing the target and dealing damage to all nearby enemies. – Sear shoots a small projectile that explodes upon contact with anything, dealing high damage in a small area. This spell has no cooldown but consumes twelve heat when cast. Fire mages can store up their heat to unleash high burst damage with sear, or use it intermittently to manage heat and avoid burning up.

Pyroclasm: Conjure a powerful pyroclasm, marking the targeted area with fire, which will erupt after a delay, dealing massive damage to enemy targets. – Pyroclasm creates a large pool of flames at the location you are aiming at. After seven seconds the pool of flames will explode, dealing an extremely high amount of armor ignoring damage to everything inside its radius. This strong area of effect spell is useful as area denial or to nuke large groups of mobs.

FlameArmor: FlameArmor is a defensive and offensive spell that causes nearby targets to catch fire just by being near you.- Flame Armor causes you to temporarily set all nearby enemies on fire. This fire alone does not deal much direct damage but is the easiest way to ignite a player and combos well with combust. As an added bonus, the flames will target even invisible enemies.

Cauterize: Cauterize your wounds, cleansing negative potion effects, dealing a small amount of damage to yourself, and giving you a short regeneration effect. – Using cauterize has a small health cost, but upon cast removes most slows, poisons, withers, and the like. The cooldown for this spell is slightly shorter than its duration. which makes it possible to chain the slow heal-over-time indefinitely. Cauterize requires ten heat to cast.

Blaze: (Fire Spell) Summon a blaze to fight for you. Whilst alive, the blaze will increase your heat level over time. – The blaze spell summons a blaze at the location you are aiming at. This blaze shoots low-damage fireballs to nearby enemies and generates a large amount of heat over a long duration for their summoner as long as the summoner is close enough to the blaze. The blaze has a low amount of health and can be killed so make sure to defend it. You want to have your blaze summoned as often as possible as it is a constant battery of “heat” which, as mentioned above, is crucial for increasing your dps.

Nova: Blast nearby enemies with fire, dealing damage and igniting them. – Fire nova has a very low cooldown and does a light amount of damage in an area around the caster. At higher heat levels this will set targets on fire. This spell consumes 1 heat when cast and is largely useful for setting targets on fire in order to combo with combust.

Spell Basics 101

This tab includes the basic information on spells and can apply to any “mage” playstyle. Reference this information if you are new at using spells.


Spells in general typically cost mana to be used. Mana is a passive resource that you gain over time and is represented by a bar on the top of your screen.

Mana can be restored manually by drinking mana potions, which can be brewed using lapis lazuli with an alchemy level of 500 or more.

You can increase your total available mana “pool” as well as increasing how fast it regenerates utilizing “Mana Regen” and “Mana” socket enhancements. Learn more about these via the “/help sockets” command in-game.

To see the cost of a spell, you can type “/cast help SPELLNAME” replacing spell name with the name of the spell. It should be noted that you can only use this command on spells that you have learned.

Spell Elements

Most all spells fall into either “Primary” or “Secondary” elements. Primary elements include Fire, Ice, Shadow, Holy, Water. Secondary elements include Mystic, Wind, Earth.

Casting a spell from a primary element will lock you into that element, preventing you from casting spells from any other element.

If you do not cast spells for 5 minutes, you will be able to cast a spell from any element, which will in turn lock you in that element just like before.

Secondary elements are similar but can be used alongside any primary element. Casting a spell from a secondary element will lock your secondary element to that element, preventing you from casting spells from any other secondary element. Similar to primary elements, not casting a spell from a secondary element for 5 minutes will allow you to cast a spell from any secondary element, which will in turn lock you in that element just like before.

Here is a practical example: Casting the fireball spell will lock you in the Fire element. You will only be able to cast primary spells which also fall under the fire element. You will be unable to cast Ice, Shadow, Holy or Water spells while locked in the fire element. You can, however, cast a spell from one of the secondary elements; Mystic, Wind or Earth. Let’s say you cast the Zephyr spell from the secondary element “Wind”; you will then be able to use wind spells alongside your fire spells.

Casting Spells

The easiest and central way to cast and use spells is to bind them to wands. The term wands can technically denote many different hand-held items, such as sticks, swords, axes and more.

To do that, hold a stick in your hand (Blaze rods and books also make excellent wands) and type “/cast bind Spellname” where spellname is the name of the spell you want to bind to the stick.

After you do that, you may right click while holding the wand to cycle through ANY spells you have bound to it.

Clicking with the stick in hand will cast the spell in the direction you are pointing.

Some spells need targets; others do not. Some spells may not work in all places on the server such as offensives spells in Non-PvP areas (towns).

Obtaining Spells

Spells are learned by activating “Spell Tomes”.

Spell Tomes are books sold via vendors that teach you a spell when read. The primary location for buying spell tomes is the mystical Mage Tower. You can warp there using the “/warp magetower” command.

Fire magic uses a ‘’heat’’ mechanic. This is a unique resource shown at the top of your screen as a bar and displayed in chat as a number; Some spells generate heat, some spells consume them. All fire spells become more powerful the higher your heat level.

Heat decays over time slowly; when you reach 45 or higher you heat it also sets you on fire, damaging you over time.

Managing heat is very important/ Using sear or fire nova too much will weaken the effectiveness or even fully prevent other spells from being cast. Keeping heat levels too high, however, doesn’t take full advantage of heat consuming spells, and triggers stronger and stronger self-inflicted flames.


Most fire spells are purely magic damage, and will not activate offensive sockets. As such, red sockets are less important, and you should prioritize the following:

Fire Power: This socket increases the power of all your fire spells. it’s a must for all fire mages to have this and should be your number 1 priority when socketing.

Spell Power: This socket increases the power of ALL your magic spells from all elements. It is not as powerful as Fire Power but it affects everything. It’s a must-have for all mages and your number 2 priority while socketing your gear.

Recovery: Recovery increases the healing you receive from any source. Since a good fire mage always has the Cauterize spell active in combat, Recovery would continuously be raising the healing you get from cauterize making it even stronger.

Defense: Defense gives you a chance to put up a temporary defensive wall, blocking a certain amount of damage before either expiring or being broken. Defense is extra powerful in the hands of a fire mage, as the self-inflicted fire ticks can activate the barrier.

PvP Tips

  • Try using a gap closer spell ( like Sandblast, Cyclone, Swiftwind or Blink) to get close to an enemy hit them with a fire aspect weapon. This is a reliable strategy to light people on fire in order to use combust. High levels of fire aspect will trigger much stronger flames than FlameArmor giving you a much wider window to use Combust.
  • If you can manage to land your bow shots then the flame enchantment on bows may be a great way to set people on fire from a distance to then combust them.
  • Stay outside the melee range of your opponents. Fire magic can deal great damage from a distance but does not gain much extra damage from being close, while your opponents may be at an advantage in close range combat.
  • Since Pyroclasm does not deal damage to it’s caster, you can stay inside the Pyroclasm effect to prevent melee opponents from attacking effectively. If they still decide to attack you, they may get caught in damage of the spell which is devastating. A single successfully landed Pyroclasm is usually enough to win you a fight.

General Tips

  • Try not to allow yourself to go below ten heat, so you can always cast cauterize once its off cooldown. Also, try not to get above 40 heat; Fire damage hurts.
  • If you are good at using wind magic, try pushing opponents into your Pyroclasm right as it is about to explode. Pulling this off can be tough but if done correctly will greatly improve your damage.
  • Use sticks/books as wands. These can roll up to 9 Spell Power and 9 Fire Power. Utilizing both of these will substantially increase your total damage.
  • Use more than just one wand. More wands let you cast much faster and much more efficiently. If you spend more than 2 seconds switching spells in combat you may want to try using more wands to bind spells.