Why you should play on Vox Populi?

We, just like you, enjoy playing Minecraft with other players. So we strive to focus on providing our players with the most enjoyable Multi-player Minecraft experience possible. We have a lot of experience playing the game, and even more experience playing on other servers, so we know what players want, love and hate.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can expect a place to hang your miner’s hat, and enjoy a server that receives constant attention from it’s owners that actually care about you and understand your needs.

What makes Vox Populi the choice over other servers?

We have many fun and exciting features that will keep you playing for a long time, but what really sets us apart is a a set of really important features meant to protect and lengthen your Minecraft experience.

1. Constant Staff Interaction

As owners of the server, we are active and on the server almost every single day. You can interact with us, ask questions and make suggestions. We love interacting with the playerbase, and we believe this is one of the most important features of a well run server.

2. Diamonds are rare

On Vox Populi, Diamond ore has been reduced by over 70%. Diamonds are no doubt a fun carrot on a stick for most players. Finding, collecting, and using them is a big part of the core experience of minecraft. However, diamonds in Minecraft without modification are fairly common once you get used to hunting them. So we made the choice to drastically reduce them from the world.

3. Donor items are made available in-game, obtainable without spending money

Avoiding situations where players can “pay to win” is very difficult in minecraft without severely limiting your options for getting money to support server costs. Though we do have cool enchanted items and armor that definitely give donors and edge in PvP, we decided that we would make all Donor items available in game in trade for diamonds. We provide several vendors in game that allow you to, at your convenience, trade diamonds for donor items, effectively giving players unable to donate, access to the same awesome items that donors have.

4. PvP balance

Lots of time has been invested into PvP balance. We have systems to prevent Ender pearl and Golden apple abuse. Systems to prevent Teleport killing and harassment, and fun spells to totally shake up PvP balance. Diamond armor inhibits damage and spells which makes it a choice versus a wear to win model. Players that log out in combat instantly die and their opponent claims a victory. Commands are completely disabled in combat, and teleporting has a long warmup before it activates. We have many passionate PvPers, and their input has been crucial to our balance. If you are like minded, we would gladly hear your opinions as well.

5. Market balance

Playing an economy is a lot of fun if it’s done right. Currency on Vox Populi is called Voxels. Voxels represent the value of gold. 1 Gold nugget is 1 voxel. 1 Gold Ingot is 9 Voxels etc.. Currency is physical, and not an infinitely imaginary number. Admin shops are overpriced, giving players the chance to undercut and be competitive. Modifications have been made to farming and the rarity of items, making many opportunities to make money. There are Auctions, virtual Buy and Sell orders, and physical shops. No other servers even come close when it comes to our economy.

6. On duty staff to take care of you through a convenient ticket system

If for some reason you run into an issue not prevented by our systems, you can leave us a ticket describing your issue. Your location is logged when the ticket is created often allowing us to take care of grief without you even needing to be online. Any sort of issue you may have, we are happy to take care of, just send a ticket in and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

7. Reasonable donor perks and packages

It is not possible to simply donate for mod, admin creative or anything like that. In fact Creative is only given to our admins, and we choose them very carefully. The donor packs we offer are valuable, but don’t tip the balance in their favor unlike many other servers. All donors are still subjected to all the important balance adjustments as everyone else. WorldEdit is limited to inventory use (no item spawning) and has cooldowns. All items that can be donated for can be traded for in game with no purchase required. Nearly all main features of the server are available to everyone, and are not restricted to donors.

29 thoughts on “Features

  1. cynder

    hay guys, i have no idea if this is the right thing or not, but i want to talk to zombie about joining the server

  2. jeremy young

    when ever i get into the server i lag real bad is there something im missing to play on the server or is it my comp cause i dont have this problem on other servers

    1. Eri

      Most likely it is your computer , I only lag when it rains in the server so maybe you don’t have a lot of RAM on your computer ?

      1. Alice

        You would need to appeal on the forums. Please be aware that you can wait quite a few months before your appeal is looked at and decided on, so you’ll need to have patience.

    1. Alice

      No, only some mods can be used. Check the forums for a thread on what mods are or aren’t allowed.

  3. jacksaw40

    If you need help serverwise please post on the forums under the server you are having problems with, other things like comments and suggestions can also be found there.

  4. Jeremy

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    1. EyeNeedMore

      Both our servers – diamond.voxmc.com & emerald.voxmc.com – can be connected by any non-cracked Minecraft 1.8 client. Unfortunately, this means you will have to buy a premium account for Minecraft to play on our servers.

      Kind Regards
      Vox Populi Staff

      1. Fredbear___

        Hey, I Got Banned For It Being A Private Server? Im Confused. How Do I Log In? With Curiosity And Friendliness, Fredbear___

  5. vivigator

    Is it possible to get on this server trough Xbox one, I doubt it but I figured I’d ask

  6. Gamzee

    So when I tried to join, it said I was temp banned by videog4mer for griefing the town for 93 hours. I haven’t been on the server at all yet. Please un-ban me.

  7. geto

    hello getogabriel here i have an issue with the currancy in game because allthough it says i have over 100 voxel i onlyy have 10 gold nuggets thankyou

  8. Sjanoki

    I was reading the comments and I can mostly see people that ask to be unbanned and that they can’t join the server. So I decided to make a small guide to help. First please select your server you would like to play on, as of this comment there are three, Diamond, Emerald and Gold. Second enter the server IP address into your direct connection tool in your multiplayer menu. Make sure your minecraft is up to date and that it is not a cracked minecraft (this is not a pirate server). If you have gotten banned for no good reason, be patient, the staff will review your case soon and lift the ban if there is no good cause. If you can’t connect the server it maybe resetting. If you still can’t connect try logging off in your launcher and logging on again then try to connect again. If you in counter any other problems please google if it is a client side issue before complaining about it on the website. If you have anything else that you need to ask, feel free to ask the staff on the server or on the forms.

  9. Andrew

    I just bought and downloaded Minecraft this morning. I tried to join the servers but it keeps stating that the servers are out of date. Can someone please help me or even update the servers. I cannot join until the servers are updated.

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