Exotic items also referred to as “exotics”, are unusual, high-quality weapons and gear that have one of a kind -though often strange abilities- which can sometimes offer niche gameplay. Their unique attributes are usually explained clearly in the item’s tooltip.

Attribute-wise, Exotic items have the same stats and enchantments you might expect to see on an equivalent epic item, but often have a single intrinsic perk unique to that Exotic.

Exotics truly offer some strange and exciting ways to play. One exotic, Necroclasm, spawns hostile silverfish, which can be killed to stack your health. Another exotic, Impatience,  can create an empowering rift which you and your allies can stand in to receive ability cooldown reduction.

Exotic Items on the Vox Populi Minecraft Server

How to obtain them

You can get your hands on Exotic items in the three main following ways:

1.) Exotic Shards

Exotic shards can be obtained by disenchanting epic enchanted equipment via the “/disenchant” command or by participating in challenging PvE content. You can exchange 20 exotic shards for an exotic enigma at the Gallery of Prestige, downtown. You can warp there with the “/warp prestige” command.

2.) Magic Find

Magic Find is a socket enhancement item that can be attached to armor, weapons, and tools and increases your chance to obtain enchanted gear from various activities. Killing mobs or breaking blocks with magic find can give you a rare opportunity to get an exotic item outright.

3.) The Mysterious Trader

Every Friday a Mysterious Trader will set up shop in the Valeria Beach sewer and will stay there until Sunday. The items he sells each weekend is random, but he will often sell one or several exotic items in exchange for Gold Doubloons. The way to obtain Gold Doubloons is a secret, however, so be sure to ask fellow players.

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