Seasonal Events

Vox features an abundant amount of events throughout the year. Some require fighting, some require farming, and some require befriending rabbits before they tear off your head!

During Xmas, a candy cane portal will open up downtown leading to the wonderous Isle of Winter. At the Isle of Winter, you will find present boxes scattered around the isle filled with Xmas themed items! You can collect and trade in these items for high quality equipment and fun collectibles at the World’s Warmth Inn on the Isle. The quickest way to get there is to use the /warp winter command.

Handfuls of Snowflakes are the most common items to be found throughout the Isle of winter. They can be turned in for consumables, as well as gear, items, collectibles and treasures.

Other items such as Sugar Plums, Roasted Chestnuts and more can be found in present boxes around the Island, and are also used to obtain Xmas goodies.

Present boxes are found in all sorts of hard to reach places, so bring along some ender pearls, as well as a grapple hook to help gind them. The Isle of Winter is quite cold and will slow you down at night, so be sure to have a way to warm yourself up before venturing out

Keep an eye out for baddies; you aren’t the only one visiting the Isle of Winter.

The Lunar New Year marks the turning of a new moon, which brings celebration to the city of Valeria!

During the festival, Moon Rays shine and sparkle all over the city under the light of the new moon. Lighting off a firework where the moon ray hits the ground will grant you and any nearby ally Lunar Dust. You can exchange this dust for Lunar Fragments or other items sold during the event.

Wearing the traditional Lunar Festival Clothing will grant you additional Lunar Dust upon collection. These sets of clothing are only available via crafting. Level 25 enchanters can craft a rare quality set of this clothing granting two additional dust per collection, and level 50 enchanters can craft an epic quality set of this clothing which provides five additional dust per collection.

The festival clothing is Bind on Command so it can be traded with friends or sold if you wish. Type /ecraft to view the lunar festival crafts.

Dusk Vampires

The new moon brings happiness, joy and luck. However, it also beckons creatures of the night who roam the wilderness… Dusk Vampires.

During the festival, Dusk Vampires will appear in the wilderness at night, under the light of the moon. If you are courageous enough, slaying them will sometimes result in obtaining Dusk Vampire Ash; a needed requirement for obtaining Vault of Fate Tickets. Some vampires are stronger than others and may provide more ash or even other treasures when slain.

Lunar Festival Envelopes

Lunar Festival Envelopes can be obtained from rare Lunar Boxes opened at the Vault of Fate, as well as exchanged for crafted packaged textile crates. They can also sometimes be in the pockets of Dusk Vampires. These envelopes contain various amounts of money, Lunar Pendants, as well as sometimes rare coins such as the Lunar Festival Coins. You can exchange these pendants for Lunar Festival Coins.

Vault of Fate

The Vault of Fate is where you will test your luck. You can exchange festival materials to purchase Vault of Fate tickets. Activating these tickets allows you to open a Lunar Box at the Vault of Fate. These boxes contain valuable treasures and heirlooms of great power.

There are three tiers of Tickets/Boxes. Rare, Epic and Mythic. Rare boxes contain a random rare quality item with a chance to receive a Lunar Festival Envelope: Epic boxes contain a random rare item with a chance to receive an epic item. Mythic boxes contain a random epic with a very high chance to receive a mythic item. Epic and Mythic boxes both require the exchange of Lunar Festival Coins.

During Easter, suspicious patches of grass will appear – including downtown! Getting near these patches will search them, giving you a chance to find an Easter Egg. Unique flowers can be found as well (Easter Bunnies love to hide Easter Eggs beneath these flowers).

You may find yourself all kinds of Easter Eggs while farming flowers and plowing your fields. Monsters also drop Easter Eggs, so don’t be scared to run some dungeons! 

Collect these Easter Eggs and turn them in for special rewards downtown. Trade with others to get the Eggs that you want!

Easter Bunnies

Keep your eyes open and you might even spot an Easter Bunny. Catch one with a special lead, or befriend one with a carrot (Both of these special items can be purchased from the Bunny Expert at the Easter Egg downtown), and you might nab yourself a Bucket of Easter Eggs! Choose your path wisely, as these Bunnies might even have individual unique items depending on which path you stick to… Good luck!

Legendary Eggs

Although extremely difficult to find, a few lucky people may stumble across the Legendary Easter Egg, hwich can be traded for one of two legendary items. Who will be the Easter Egg hunt champions?

The Midsummer Festival is a celebration of the summer solstice. Stay cool under the intense heat and dance the night away with friends!

The summer heat gets you hot, so cool yourself down with either bottles of water or juicy watermelon. Doing so will grant you a Spirit of Summer token, which can be used to purchase seasonal items at the Midsummer bonfire downtown. You can only earn tokens if you consume these refreshments while you are hot. Keep a lookout for either flames or drops of water to signify if you are hot or refreshed.

The Dancing Flame

Periodically, the legendary Dancing Flame will test your skills with a dancing variation of Simon Says around the Midsummer bonfire downtown. Follow his instructions accurately and dance correctly for his favor. The Dancing flame will challenge you with 21 rounds of dancing. If you successfully follow his instructions for at least 14 rounds, he will grant you a gift box which contains unique summer goodies, as well as a big chance to receive an Ember of the Aspect.

Flaming Dungeons

Venture into Normal and Hard dungeons to challenge the Aspects of Flame, which will be assisting the final dungeon bosses, making them even harder. Defeating an Aspect of Flame will guarantee you an Ember of the Aspect!

Fishing at Valeria Beach

During the festival you can also purchase Spicy Bait, which when used, allows you to catch Sunfish at Valeria Beach. Sunfish can be exchanged for exclusive rewards, but can also be used to convert your Spirits of Summer into Embers of the Aspect.

Summer is almost over and harvest time is upon us. Why not celebrate one of our four seasons with a harvest festival Vox style? Go to downtown Valeria Beach by doing /warp event and check out the harvest event table and vendors. You will find a rustic seating arrangement surrounded by villagers ready to sell you special goodies. There are special items you can trade with the villagers for the event.

Meet the Harvest Quartermaster, the event coordinator, who sell some essential items to get your experience rolling.

Getting Involved

During the festival; farming crops, eating food at the table downtown, and crafting sweet dough are all ways to participate in the event. Harvesting crops or eating food at the table downtown will give you a chance to receive Seeds of the Fall Harvest.

Pristine Crops

You can activate obtained Seeds of the Fall Harvest to receive a temporary effect. While under the effect of the Seeds of the Fall Harvest, farming crops from your farms will sometimes net you Pristine versions of your crops. Exchange these crops for Harvest Festival Vouchers; the main currency for purchasing items during the event.

Sweet Dough

Using the /ecraft system, you can craft a simple recipe called Sweet Dough, which when exchanged with some pristine crops through the Pastry Chef, will give you rare Sweet Foods that are needed to get the new harvest festival goodies.

Stuff Your Face

Eating food at the table downtown will occasionally give you a Seed of the Fall Harvest, which is needed for obtaining pristine crops as well as scarecrows and fertilizer. Not hungry? Purchasing and drinking the Fall Drinks sold at the Harvest Festival table will drain your hunger – allowing you to eat more!

It has been discovered that the Headless Horseman is back yet again, and has been constructing another threat against the Valerian people! You have re-captured the Horseman’s Mansion, and created a portal to reach the Horseman’s Haven; a once secret fortress belonging to the Horseman himself. Venture forth and find out exactly what he has been up to…

Horseman's Haven

Through the portal downtown you will find the Horseman’s Haven, a secret fortress where the Headless Horseman has been plotting against the Goddess.

Fight the minions of the haven to find Ectoplasm as well as Hallow’s Eve candy. These goodies can be exchanged for Armor, Weapons and Tools, as well as Cosmetic items and more at the Horseman’s Mansion.

Mini Bosses

Some minions are special however and spawn in specific locations. These special minions will sometimes drop epic quality materials, which can be exchanged for the highest of quality armor and weapons.

Trick or Treat

During Hallow’s Eve, you can trick or treat with your friends by right clicking them whilst holding a bucket. If you get lucky and get a treat, you will receive a Filled Tub of Hallows Eve goodies! Unpacking that tub will give you a random assortment of Hallow’s Eve themed goodies – including Hallow’s Eve candy! Sometimes if you are really lucky, you can receive a Candy-Filled Pumpkin, which always gives you candy.

Candy Galore

Candy can be taken to special merchants, accessible through the portal at Downtown Valeria Beach or by typing /warp haven to take you to the Horseman’s Haven.

These are only our major seasonal events! Check back later for a list of our mini events as well