Hallow's Eve

Hallows Eve begins in mid October and runs to the beginning of November

Hallows Eve Vox Populi Server
Hallows Eve Vox Populi Server

Hallows Eve has finally arrived. Spooky mobs are everywhere and darkness has engulfed the map. There is nowhere to hide during this event! Protect your houses and yourselves. Brace yourself because this is going to be one long night…

For the Hallows Eve event there are lots of fun things happening. First of all, you can trick-or-treat! Buy a Trick-or-Treaters Wand or a Tub of Hallows Eve Treats to trick-or-treat with friends. Right-click one of these items on a friend to interact with this cool feature. Also, mobs are dropping some epic items that you can trade in for remarkable stuff at Valeria Beach. Items such as Bobbing Apples, Tainted Flesh, and more can be found as mob drops. You can get candy to trade in too from trick-or-treating. That’s the best way to get candy, but mobs drop candy as well. We hope you enjoy this ghoulish event!

Be sure to type /help Hallowseve in-game to learn more about the event