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Event-Easter Revelry | Vox Populi

Event-Easter Revelry

The Easter Event begins about a week before Easter and runs until just after Easter



For the week leading up to the day of Easter, Easter eggs will be available to collect, trade, and turn in for goodies!

Easter Eggs can be found in many types of blocks, biomes, as well as in the inventories of monsters and animals, and this year even in crops!

Each source of easter eggs have totally unique drop rates and rarites, so explore and experiment with your searching, you might find unique sources of just the egg you are looking for.

An example is the Swampy Easter Egg, which is much more common in Swamp Biomes.

Another example is Rotten Easter Eggs, which drop quite often from Undead monsters.

Each easter egg has their own global rarity, and you can trade them in for lots of different items in the giant easter egg in downtown Valeria beach. Some eggs can be traded for Voxels, others for diamonds, and just about every egg can be traded for unique enchanted items, only available for trade for the week of easter.

Keep an eye out for the Legendary Eggs, which can be traded for one of two Legendary Easter items. There are only 3 Legendary Eggs that drop on each server per event, so keep your eyes peeled!

Remember that you can type “/help easter” in game to see all these details.

Get searching! And don’t forget to experiment in your searching!