Dragon Eyes are rare and powerful crystal gems obtained from Ender Dragons.

Fitting one of these crystals into your armor gives you one of many unique perks. These perks often change one or some of your abilities drastically, giving you unique options to engage in combat.

They can only be fitted into chestplates equipped with an open Dragon Eye socket, which appears bright yellow. To add the Dragon Eye socket to any chestplate of your choice, you can go to /warp endgame to pick up a Dragon Orb for your armor sets.

Similar to regular sockets, you can fit a Dragon Eye into an empty Dragon Eye socket using a furnace.

Unlike other socket enhancement items, Dragon Eyes can be fitted over an existing one. This means that you can change your choice of Dragon Eye whenever you feel like it. Keep in mind however that whatever Dragon Eye socket was fitted into your chestplate previously will be lost in the process.

Dragon Eyes and Dragon Eye sockets are unaffected by orbs such as Chromatic Orbs, Orbs of Alteration, Jeweller Orbs, and Chaos Orbs.

For more information on socket enhancements and orb items, check out our page on item attributes and stats. Click Here

Where to obtain them

Killing an Ender Dragon in the End dimension guarantees you a Shadowed Dragon Eye, which can be converted to a Dragon Eye with a random property.

Vox Populi Dragon Eyes Socket

Available Dragon Eye sockets:

Dragon Eye – Anger

Anger greatly reduces the cooldown and cost of the Roar ability. Tanking in dungeons is a tough job, but with low cooldowns and little to no costs for Roar, it can alleviate some of the difficulty, putting your tanking abilities at your fingertips.

Dragon Eye – Brainfreeze

Brainfreeze gives you welcoming protection from the cold. Especially self- induced cold. This socket will make you completely immune to the mining fatigue that comes with spamming Ice magic, enabling you to run around like an ice princess as much as you please. Side effects may include splitting headaches and a sudden craving for hot beverages.

Dragon Eye – Devout

Devout substantially reduces the cooldown of your prayer spell but also reduces its potency. This allows you to cast prayer very frequently and allows you to make more use of spell power sockets. Great for dedicated Healers who find themselves having trouble surviving in dungeons.

Dragon Eye – Enderborn

Enderborn drastically reduces the cooldown of your Blink/Enderwarp spells. A great spell for a mage to maximize mobility, as well as an alternative to grappling, the Enderborn socket will have you zipping around like a true Enderman. Long spindly arms and purple eyes are not included.

Dragon Eye – Hatred

Hatred causes your attacks to deal greatly increased damage as well as apply heavy threat whilst your fury bar is full. This provides a way for warriors or tanks to utilize high fury generation, giving them a nearly permanent advantage when at full fury.

Dragon Eye – Mystic Chef

The Food spell is used by a wide range of players as a staple food source in dungeons and elsewhere. However, the magic biscuits that it gives are pretty bland. Grab this Dragoneye, and you’ll be the talk of the town, because your Food spell will summon terribly tasty treats for your consumption.

Dragon Eye – Subterfuge

Subterfuge allows you to sprint while stealthed without causing you to reappear. Using stealth normally limits some of your movement options. With Subterfuge, you are able to sprint at full speed without causing you to lose stealth. Perfect for those sneaky rogues who want to zoom around at full-tilt, unseen by everyone.

Dragon Eye – Toxic-Cloud

Toxic-Cloud changes the functionality of your blindpowder ability, causing it to vanish you and applying a multitude of negative effects to nearby enemy targets. This effect shares a cooldown with Smoke Bomb items. Toxic-Cloud allows you to ditch your Smoke Bomb, and use vanish offensively.

Dragon Eye – Bloodstorm

Bloodstorm slightly reduces the damage of your Bladestorm ability but causes it to heal you during the effect.

Dragon Eye – Dark-Supremacy

Dark-Supremacy causes your RaiseUndead spell to summon all your undead minions at once directly after casting your Sacrifice spell at an increased cost.

Dragon Eye – Rhythm

Rhythm causes you to occasionally get lost in the rhythm, reseting the cooldown of your Verse, Bridge and Chorus spells upon playing one of them.

Dragon Eye – Icy-Grave

Icy-Grave causes your IceTomb to instead target an enemy but leaving them vulnerable.

Dragon Eye – Lone-Wolf

Lone-Wolf prevents your tamed wolf from generating spirit for you when utilizing Wolf Stance but will cause you to generate spirit slowly over time, when not taking damage.

Dragon Eye – Healing-Spirit

Healing-Spirit causes your SpiritShot ability to heal allies instead of damaging enemies whilst playing a song.

Dragon Eye – Safeguard

Safeguard drastically reduces the cooldown and duration of your ShieldBlock ability.

Dragon Eye – Bloodpact

Bloodpact substantially reduces the health cost of the Sacrifice spell. Sacrifice is a shadow spell ability that can increase the potency of your spells, but at a heavy health cost. With Bloodpact, this health cost is not so severe.

Dragon Eye – Comet

Comet causes your targeted fire spells to sometimes launch a large fireball, damaging enemies and raising your heat. Being able to cast it fairly repeatedly can lead to some devastating damage if you are able to land your hits.

Dragon Eye – Deluge

Deluge substantially reduces the cooldown of your Riptide spell. Riptide turns you into a crazy water caster with super low cooldowns, so having it available in half the time it usually is can greatly increase your healing output when using water.

Dragon Eye – EagleEye

EagleEye allows you to miss up to 1 arrow during a bow combo without breaking it. Combo shots when chained together carefully increase damage output. Miss 1 shot during a combo breaks it, causing you to reset. With EagleEye, you are allowed to miss a shot making stacking combos just that much easier.

Dragon Eye – Fingers Of Frost

Ice mage is quickly becoming one of the most popular playstyles. This Dragoneye makes your Icicle spell hit in a cone, rather than a line, massively increasing its effectiveness. Grab this socket, take to the arena and become one with the ice and the snow.

Dragon Eye – Phoenix

Phoenix is a socket that causes your FireNova spell to heal you, if you are low on health. Very useful for the rambunctious fire mages who find themselves low on health on a consistent basis in Arena. Rise from the ashes and claim victory in your hands!!

Dragon Eye – Wild-Winds

Wild-Winds both reduces the cooldown and the size of the Tornado spell. If you fancy launching people into the sky, or just making particle pillars, this might be the perfect socket for you!

Dragon Eye – Concentrated-Shots

Concentrated-Shots Greatly reduces the area that your volley ability affects, but greatly increases its damage. This Dragon Eye is good for experienced rangers or bards that want to use Volley in more of an offensive capacity and can work with a smaller radius for the effect.

Dragon Eye – Vendetta

Vendetta causes your Mutilate ability to have a very short cooldown when you are at 10 health or below.

Dragon Eye – Dive-Bomb

Dive-Bomb causes your fire nova spell to target a location, teleporting you to the point of impact and dealing damage around you.

Dragon Eye – Abrasion

Abrasion causes your SandBlast spell to pulse multiple times when cast, at the cost of an increased cooldown.

Dragon Eye – Heroism

Heroism causes your leap ability to automatically trigger an empowered stomp upon landing, dealing damage in a large area as well as heavily increasing your threat.

Dragon Eye – Relentless

Relentless causes your StormBite ability to give you a chance to fletch Sidewinders when targetting an enemy.

Dragon Eye – Sundering

Sundering causes your Earthquake spell to greatly empower your Spike spell while you are within its radius, in exchange for slightly reducing its radius and dealing light true damage.

Dragon Eye – High-Tide

High-Tide causes your EbbandFlow spell to bounce faster, and to a substantially larger amount of players.

Dragon Eye – Focused Will

Focused Will greatly increases the range of your heal spell, as well as causing it to ignore line of sight.