How to earn money on Vox Populi gold_nugget

Tired of seeing “insufficient funds” whenever you want to warp or teleport? Do you need money for food? There are a few solutions for those issues and they are pretty easy. First of all what you need to know is that gold is money on our server.

1 Gold Nugget = 1 Voxel
1 Gold Ingot = 9 Voxels
1 Gold Block = 81 Voxels

If you hold your gold in your inventory and do /money it will tell you how much you have on you. If you put some in the chest then do /money, it doesn’t count what you put in the chest. However, if you put your money in /wallet, then it will be on your person without taking up inventory space, and whenever you make a purchase, it will automatically be taken from your wallet.


Now when it comes to earning money, the easiest and fasting thing is to get a job. Do the command /jobs browse and you can see all of the jobs to pick from. Left clicking on a job will show you some more information pertaining to that job. Do the command /jobs info (jobname) to see more details on how much money you earn with that job. When you find a job you want to join, do /jobs browse and right click on the job you’d like to join.


You’re officially hired! Now you can go out and do your job. Keep in mind though when you start a job, you need to start with tier 1 and work your way up. Once you get a higher level you will get paid more for the higher tiers.

Jobs do have a cap that you can earn every real time hour though. Higher ranks increase this cap, but you can never earn more than that much per hour.


Quickshops are an additional way to earn money. You can practically sell any item you want in a quick shop. They cost 20 voxels to make but you can keep refilling them. If you leave them empty for more than a day or two they will reset and you’ll need to create a new shop, however.

To make a quickshop hold the item you want to sell in your hand. Hit a chest with the item and then type in chat how much you would like each item to cost. Only type a number and don’t include any words. A sign should pop up on the chest saying what the quickshop is selling and for how much. You can then open the chest and stick your goods in there to sell. No one but you, Mods, Admins, Latin, or Zombie can open those chests so don’t worry about your stuff being stolen.emerald

If you happen to see something you want to buy from another quickshop, you can purchase goods from it. Hit the chest like you would punch it. Then you type in chat how many you want to buy. Make sure you only type a number. When you hit enter you will finalize the purchase.

Global Market

diamondA third way to earn money is to sell things in the global market. The command /market help will tell you all about how to use that. You also can buy a book from a villager in the global market with information on how to use it.

If you want to sell an item hold it in your hand and type /market create amount. If you want to sell a pickaxe in your hand for 300 voxels do /market create 300 and it will take the item and create your listing. There is a small fee for listing an item in the global market.

To buy from the global market click the chest and you will see a bunch of items and some paper on the bottom row. Hover your mouse over the paper and you can see what each piece does. One goes forward a page, one goes back a page, and one searches the whole global market. When you find something you want, click the item in the chest and follow the prompts in chat. Make sure you have the money on you or in your wallet.

Some other ways to earn money include, but are not limited to, fighting mobs in the dungeons and the nether, participating in mob arenas, and other special server events like that.


Other Types of Currency

On Vox, we have other types of currency that can be used to buy armor, weapons, tools, and many other things. You can get these types of currencies by killing mobs, fighting bosses, and even slaying the ender dragon.

conquesttokenConquest Tokens are the second most used currency, not counting Voxels. Conquest Tokens are used to buy perks or abilities that you wouldn’t have otherwise, tools and armor that you may need, upgrades to your armor, as well as admittance into the weekly RaidBoss.

You can collect Conquest Tokens very easily, no matter how long you have been playing on the server. You can get Conquest Tokens by killing the bosses that spawn at Dark Cavern every 4 hours, or by participating in the many dungeons that the server has to offer. For more information, type /help conquest.



Prestige Tokens are rarer than Conquest Tokens, and can only be obtained one way. To get Prestige Tokens, you must attend the weekly Raidboss in order to get this loot, as well as other loot items. Prestige Tokens are used to buy high tier armor and weapons, some of which can only be bought with Prestige Tokens.



On Vox Populi, one of the highest tiers of currency on all three servers is the Ender Egg. These eggs can only be gotten from players or by killing the Ender Dragon. Eggs can then be collected and taken to /warp endgame to get high tier weapons and armor that can only be gotten with Ender Eggs. The armour and weapons are some of the highest tier items and weapons in game, so Ender Eggs are important for reaching the top.




This is the first special currency that can be found on Vox Populi. It is very mysterious, as it is hard to find unless under special circumstances…

If someone were to collect some of these Gold Dubloons and find the merchant that is willing to trade for them, they might find themselves able to get items that they didn’t have access to beforehand. More details about Gold Dubloons are unclear however, as the merchant is only in town for a few days at a time…



kjkjjValerian Royals are the final of the two special currencies that can be found on the servers of Vox Populi. It can be bought from other players, and through other ways as well, but the best way to get Valerian Royals is on the Vox Populi E-Store, where they are sold to all three servers for many reasons. They cannot be gotten through the same means as the Conquest Tokens, Prestige Tokens, or Ender Eggs, though there are still ways to get them in game. Valerian Royals can be used during events to assist you in getting decorative items and pets or be used as an alternate currency to other items in game. Definitely not necessary to advance in the game, but very good to have just in case. You can buy Valerian Royals at

Be sure to type /help money in-game to learn more about our server’s currency