Municipal court on Vox Populi is a system designed to get players involved in day-to-day democracy, and put new server-changing tools into the hands of everyone.

Players can elect to become judges, hire secretaries, call court sessions to handle an issue, or vote on said issues. These issues include things like: A mayor being inactive for too long and needing a replacement, permission to tear down an abandoned structure, a player trespassing often, and much much more.

Case Categories

As the court system is in beta, the categories of issues is a bit small, however we plan on rolling out handfuls of categories very quickly until we are happy with the reach that courts have.

List of available categories:

Trespassing: When a player constant asserting themselves into locations they aren’t apart of, on a regular basis.
Abandoned Building: When a structure is seemingly abandoned, and a player wishes to tear it down for either resources, or town expansion.
Divorce: When 2 players wish to no longer be married to one another.
Lawsuit: When two players have a dispute they wish to resolve via a third party.
Other: When a valid issue can’t be handled by the system, cases can be placed in the other category for admin assistance.

Submitting a Case

Submitting a case is fairly simple, as it should be. Simply visit the courthouse downtown via /warp court or any nearby warps, and click on one of the Court Case boxes near the entrance. Clicking a court case box twice will charge you 100 voxels, and give you a labeled court case book that you can fill in with your own words, describing an issue that you need handled by the court. If your issue falls under one of the categories in the previous section above, include that as well. A secretary will then file your case to be seen by a judge. When a judge approves to assemble for your case, you will be alerted to visit the court, and the judge will then pass judgement on the case.

Scheduled Cases

For a case to be discussed in court, a judge is required to set a date and time for the case to be handled. Be sure to be contactable by any judges so you can work out a time when you can show up to court and have the case handled. If you don’t show up for your court case, the judge has the ability to reschedule. Be punctual and accessible though, as Judges can also throw out cases if they feel the need to.

Court Hearing

If your case is being overseen by a judge at a court session with your presence, then several judge initiated actions can occur. Judges can call for votes, teleport to locations with the company of others, set fines, jail players, and more. These actions are usually clearly stated in chat.

Once a court session is over, the judge passes final judgement on the case, and performs an action that will automate various things depending on the category of the case. For instance, if the case involved tearing down a building, then you might receive a special building permit which you can show to others to signify that you have permission to demolish the area, etc.


Contributing to the court system results in players receiving Justice Tokens, a special currency that allows you to purchase special items at the court. As the system is in beta, there will be few rewards, but we plan on expanding the system over time to include many desirable items.


Judges are elected by popularity vote via official elections. A Judge’s power begins and ends within the court, and can only perform actions pertaining to cases. Judges are not considered to be staff, in fact, staff are not allowed to elect to become a judge. Judges are people voted into position by people, and meant to serve the people.

For more information on elections, type /help election.

We now have a court constituation, check it out at