Tenplars embody exquisite swordplay with stalwart shieldwork to create a style of combat uncompromising in its defense. Clad in diamond armor, they charge fearlessly into battle, ready to lay down their lives for their allies.


Berserkers learn to harness their inner-beasts and translate that power into unbridled savagery on the battlefield. Wielding various weapons, they can unleash magnificent damage,  excelling in the art of causing pain.


Rogues slink in the darkness, carefully selecting their next target and the best way to tear them down. Utilizing an array of tools and blades to cripple their enemies before bringing them down with a decisive blow.


Rangers wield bows with finesse and speed, bombarding their foes with arrows in a relentless fashion. They are at home in the wild and share a close bond with their canine ally. They excel at dealing damage at range whilst simultaneously keeping unwanted enemies at bay.


Bards balance bow combat with empowering songs, adapting to any situation they find in their way. They are a jack-of-all-trades and a master of one; providing powerful boons to themselves and allies. Those who commit to the ways of the bard will find a path of challenge leading to great rewards.


Necromancers prefer torturing their enemies with a slow and painful end, perfecting their own art of death. Forcing their enemies into darkness, necromancers make them expereince their health being drained, hunger lose, and above all else, their sanity fleeting.

Fire Mage

Fire mages fling potent streams of fire wherever they wish, capable of dealing high amounts of damage to many targets in a short time. Their reckless wielding of magic generates heat, which often causes them to burst into flames, to which they pay no mind.


Cryomancers specialize in freezing the moisture in the air to produce powerful blizzards beyond compare. Through use of freezing and chill effects, a cryomancer is able to easily keep enemies at range before unleshing winter upon them, whisking them off to an icy grave.

Water Mage

Water mages control the flow of battle, weaving their water through allies and enemies alike. They embrace the healing qualities of water to support their allies from the back while collecting their enemies together for the next torrent of attacks.


Clerics surround themselves in only the purest of lights. Those who would walk the path of the cleric are healers without peer, possessed with the power to relieve comrades from the direst of afflictions—even the icy grip of death itself.

These are not all of our classes! More guides coming soon!