Chest Arena


Courageous warriors come far and wide, bringing their clans to capture a chest with epic loot at a place called The Portal. All participants must be in a clan to partake in this dangerous activity.

Every 3 hours a treasure chest filled with items such as diamonds, gold, enchanted weapons, and more spawns at Portal. A message in chat will alert everyone on the server when the chest is ready to be taken.

To get to portal type /warp portal and you will teleport to a tiny room. When you are ready to enter the pvp area step on the pressure plates to open the iron doors and walk out. You cannot return back to the pvp safe area once you leave, so make sure you are ready when you do.

To capture the chest for your clan you need to stand on the pressure plate by it for 3 solid minutes without anyone attacking you. If you are hit, the timer stops. If someone else gets to the chest, then your timer stops and it starts for them instead.

If you are interested in this activity and would like to know when it’s going to be ready again do /chestarena and you can see the countdown until the next event.

Be sure to type /help chestarena in-game to learn more about Chest Arena