Hidden in the depths of the ground lie ancient artifacts dropped by valiant adventurers of the past. Artifacts ranging from junk to epic are waiting to be discovered by someone like you. Anyone can partake in artifact hunting, no matter the in-game rank. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Vox Populi Archeologist?

The archeology feature lets you find, collect, and trade items that tie into both Minecraft and Vox Populi lore. Some of these items you can trade in for powerful spells and hard to get enchanted weapons and armor.

To find archeology items you just need to dig dirt, gravel, and other natural blocks. In addition, you can find these items by mining stone and ores. The types of items you find in these places are fossils, journals, and artifacts.

Once you find archeology items, you can take them to the archeology guild located in Valeria Beach. You can /warp archeology to get there or stop by the guild while you are downtown.

Junk artifacts can get you a few voxels from the villagers in the Archaeology Guild.

Common artifacts and fossils can be collected as trophies, or traded to the archaeology guild for a decent amount of money.

Fossil dust is the most common fossil, but you can save them up and trade them in for various archaeology tools.

Rare scrolls, or Ancient Blueprints can be received when you trade rare fossils for ancient blueprint scraps. When completing the Ancient Blueprint and pairing the item with certain rare fossils you can get imbued blueprints. Imbued blueprints are one of the main things you need to get a Lexicon.

Also able to be crafted in a similar way to the Ancient Blueprint is the Ancient Magic Scroll. These can be combined with some rare fossils to buy powerful spells. The spells have no rival and are powered by bone meal.

Lexicons are the best thing you can find as an archaeologist. When these are paired with rare artifacts, you can revert them back to their original state and reveal their true power. Once you do that, the items are called relics, and are a few of the most powerful items you can obtain on Vox Populi.

It will be hard to acquire all of the items that you may need all by yourself. Thankfully these items can be bought and sold so barter and trade with fellow players to collect the items you desire. You can even team up with friends and go hunting for these items together!

Furthermore, while digging you may find journals and diaries that give you a back story on the lore and tips on how to find archaeology items. These can be found in more places than just underground.

Be sure to type /help archeology in-game to learn more about Archeology