Advanced Archery


Hiding above in the treetops is a fearless archer waiting to strike the heart of their foes. They conceal themselves and shoot arrows that set their enemies ablaze and arrows that smite them lightning from the clouds above. Thankfully on Vox Populi, not only mages or those who favor melee get special perks in battle, but the archers do as well. Vox uses Advanced Arrows, an enhanced archery plug-in.

Advanced arrows allow you to shoot arrows that have special abilities like placing torches where your arrow lands or covering them in ice.


Downtown Valeria Beach has a building completely dedicated to archery. In this building the special arrow types are sold along with leather armor, regular arrows, and bows. Once you buy a book/tome to learn an arrow type, left click it on the enchanting table inside to learn how to use that arrow.

You also can buy the arrow types on the e-store.

Go to the Store

/arrows list will show you all of the arrow times you know how to use.
/arrows toggle arrowtype will change the arrow you are using at the moment. Substitute arrowtype for the name of the arrow you would like to use.
/arrows help shows you a list of the commands for advance arrows.
/arrows arrowtype will tell you more info about an arrow and also its price.

Shift-left click a bow in your hand to cycle through the arrows. Make sure you have the required items in your inventory to shoot the arrows you want. Below is a list of the types of arrows and what they need to shoot them. Each reagent below only shoots ONE arrow so if you want to use an arrow more than once you’ll need to bring a large amount of the required items with you.

Blinding: Blinds struck targets for a short amount of time. Requires 1 sulphur (gunpowder) to shoot.

Compression: Creates a block-safe explosion where the arrow lands. Requires 2 sulphur (gunpowder) to

Dizzy: Makes struck targets’ vision dizzy. Requires 1 sugar to shoot.

Fire: Sets targets aflame. Requires 5 redstone to shoot.

Hawk: Fires an arrow incredibly fast. Requires 1 feather to shoot.

Holy: Heals the target you strike. Requires one potion to shoot.

Hook: Pulls the struck target in your direction. Requires 2 string to shoot.

Ice: Encases struck targets in solid ice. Requires 4 lapis lazuli to shoot.

Lightning: Lightning strikes where the arrow lands. Requires 5 glowstone dust to shoot.

Normal: Just your average arrow. Nothing to see here.

Piercing: Deals massive damage to heavily armored targets. Requires 3 arrows and one diamond to

Poison: Poisons your target for a short amount of time.

Razor: Have a higher chance to get critical hits and massive crits. Requires 1 iron ingot to shoot.

Slow: Slows struck targets. Requires 2 soul sand to shoot.

Teleport: Teleports you to the location the arrow lands. Requires 2 ender pearls to shoot.

Torch: Places a torch where the arrow lands. Requires one torch to shoot.

Be sure to type /help archery in-game to learn more about Advanced Archery