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    Gold 2nd of the warning

    1) What is your In Game Name?
    - XxSavage_GamerxX

    2) When and which server was the Warning issued?
    - Gold Server and i don't know when

    3) Why was the Warning issued? (Do NOT go into detail HOW an exploit was done.)
    - Told a player to "Go kill yourself"

    4) Who issued the Warning?
    - Penaz

    5) Please fill in all additional information here

    -This was one of the stupidest things i could have said to a certain person, just because i felt frustrated because of something doesn't mean that i should resort to saying these words. I'm sorry, I just feel really bad saying this. This was all in the past, I know that doesn't matter, but I can be better, I will be better, I will do better.

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    Just Bumping this.

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    Don't you see I'm just Bumping this?

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