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    Gold Warning Appeal Numero UNO(1)

    1) What is your In Game Name?
    - XxSavage_GamerxX

    2) When and which server was the Warning issued?
    - Gold Server and i don't know when

    3) Why was the Warning issued? (Do NOT go into detail HOW an exploit was done.)
    - Cussing in NATION chat

    4) Who issued the Warning?
    - Penaz

    5) Please fill in all additional information here

    I must say that I am terribly sorry for this type of action I had done. I was in a terrible mood that time and it was in a situation that, I must say, was not supposed to be done. Be it either Global chat or Nation Chat, Party Chat, Court chat and even Private messages, this type of action should not be done in any occasion, no matter what... Thus, I deeply apologize for causing such a fit because of my behavior that time...

    I have already learned my lesson regarding this, I won't give in to my anger, I won't give in to provocations and the like, I won't let anyone test me so please, i can't hold on much longer...

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