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    Gold Ban Appeal (2nd) (Gold)

    1) What is your In Game Name?
    Wiso Altred

    2) When were you banned?
    Somewhere around 2016-03-04

    3) Which server were you banned on?

    4) Why were you banned? (Do NOT go into detail HOW an exploit was done.)
    Use of PVP Exploits.

    5) Who was involved in your ban?

    6) Please fill in all additional information here:
    The ban was issued by Penaz, However I donot remember the scene in itself, but im sorry for whomever was involved in my actions.
    I have taken the time to think about it,after my first appeal was rejected,all be it reasonable I suppose, To Try once more, i have decided to hope once more, I truly regret my actions, As i have said, I deeply apologize for anyone i have hurt or offended, You have my word that given the chance i wont repeat it again, I shall hope this appeal to be considered.

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    If ever there's a need for it , I will fully accepet the consequences be it progress reset for a fresh new start or similar

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    Bump is a short message that you cannot send, therfore this context exists.

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    Bumping the appeal

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    Bumping the thread.

    I've taken this time to learn my ways, and feel that i've Considerably made up for my actions with time.

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    Bumping the thread

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    Bumping the thread.

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